A Conclusion is Simply Where You Stopped Thinking

Think you've figured it all out? You've got the key to the door of completeness and happiness? You've found the secret stash of American Dream Pie? Get your fucking head out of the sand. Don't you notice how gritty your bliss tastes?

You've been programmed since birth. Every decision you have ever made was constrained to finite options. Sure, you might get an "all of the above" or "none of the above" but those are just cop-outs. You've been taught the scientific method of decision making. But, how about the "I'll think my own damn way" method? Or the "I don't care if it's an emergency exit, it's still a fucking door" method.

You've also been taught to blindly accept theories as gospel truth. And you've been taught that the gospel truth is fact and not theory. You follow the yellow brick road even though you know its going to go through a couple of dark alleys in those neighborhoods. Thought Conformity(tm) is the original ghetto. Do you really think their road map is fool proof? Hell no!!! It was made exactly FOR fools. The day you filled your cubbie in Kindergarten you were duped.

So, are we offering you a new vision? Maybe, maybe not. What's more important is offering you VISION. The ability and know-how to see the world and the universe for what they really are. To see the messages that have been driven through your temples for what they are. To see where they are REALLY leading you to. We've taken over the toll booths. And we are allowing your mind the opportunity to take the next exit, toll free. Will you use the off-ramp? Will you slow down to 35 MPH and take the P-turn to freedom? Or will you keep barreling down the road to the middle of nowhere at MACH 5? Just remember; on the road you are currently on, there is no break down lane. And AAA is not going to tow you back.