Life Without Fences

You look like you've finally gotten sick of it all. Had enough? Decided that our pills and prepackaged food might kill you? You're right! It will.

Sucks that you have to go to work soon though, don't it?

Sure, your apathy has contributed to the mess. All that time you spent eating and drinking, watching the TV, and avoiding any involvement in the world has finally snowballed. Now what can you do?

Ask yourself the following question: Am I a bovine lifeform? Does you find yourself grazing in the fields? NO?! Then why are you being bought and sold like cattle? Tired of being led around by the nose?

YES!? Then, there is hope for you! There is nothing quite as fulfilling as running apart from the herd. Life without fences is great, you should try it.

We have nothing these days, and we have an excess of it. When the Johnsons get a shiny new car, you buy one too. What does it matter if it's a 2006 Camaro or a 1969? Those are the "cool," models. If it's a 1988 Camaro, you suck. Who decided that? These are the depressing choices society encourages you to make. Choose A, or choose B. Choose either because someone else will have something cooler, that you must envy.

And that's exactly how They want it! Tired, envious sheep bound by the whims of the television. A bunch of vacuous idiots who are too busy paying bills and complaining to do anything else. Who's responsible for this mess? Well, you are. But you aren't the only one. Your bosses, your leaders, the media at large. They are the people who have brought you Reality TV, pointless filler on the music stations, and absolutely nothing worth living for.

It's saddening to have this picture painted in such a way, but it is never too late to change. You can be free. Declare your Independence today! Turn the tables on this alliance of idiots, and begin to make your life good again! How? Ignore what they tell you. It really is that easy. Sure, you'll still hear it, but that doesn't mean you have to do all of it. You no longer need to follow. Find your own path.

This can be the beginning of your new life.