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Everybody chooses character sheets from the following list:

  • Medic
  • Gunner
  • Martial Arts
  • Survivalist

Everybody also gets a zombie character sheet.

  • 3 hp
  • slow
  • can infect an unconscious character on 3-count
  • when you die, return to a respawn point

Special Rules

The Injured status - you are slow and weak unless you're on painkillers.

Infection - if infected by a zombie, you have five minutes to return to the bunker and receive a dose of zombie-cure. At the end of your five minute count, you will turn into a zombie.


Players choose an area to be the Bunker. It contains the following resources:

  • 10 bandages
  • Medical table:
    • 3 doses of zombie-cure (name needed)
  • a storage locker containing
    • 1 painkiller per player
    • 3 ammo per character

Players do not start off equipped with their weapons. They must place their weapon a minimum of 100 feet away from their starting position.

Players agree on at least 5 zombie respawn points.

One designated player secretly chooses an area to be the drop point and draws a map which indicates its location. This map is left at one of the zombie respawn points. One of the zombies will drop it at the end of scene 1.

A secret ballot determines who begins as a zombie. Roughly 1/3rd of the players should start as zombies.


Scene 1

Players go about their daily lives. Weapons are positioned at least 100 feet away from character's starting positions. One or more of the players has been injured - some crazy bastard bit them! They may choose whether or not to reveal this.

Suddenly, one of the injured players turns! At this point, zombies attack.

Each zombie gets 3 lives. After each death, they respawn at a time of their choosing - they may respawn individually or as a group.

One of the zombies drops the map which indicates the drop point.

Scene 2

Zombies are no longer slow. They may set two additional respawn points.

Each zombie gains 10 lives.

Players attempt to reach the drop point while zombies try to kill them.

At the drop point, the players find 1 Resource.

Bonus round: on one of the zombie's last lives, he will drop another map?

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