Awaken the Wakes

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This is a Single Player Dream Walk. You can go on it without a party.

You may only gain Resonance from this, or any Single Player Dream Walk, once every seven days.

(example: if you go on this Dream Walk on the 10th, you may not gain Resonance from a Single Player Dream Walk again until the 17th.)

Sometimes Wakes catch a glimpse of the Dreaming's nature. If they realize that they are having a dream, their dream becomes lucid. If many Wakes experience lucidity, it can draw more Dreams to the region. This is beneficial; it makes the Dreaming healthier.

Many Dreams spend their time trying to awaken the Wakes. This Dream Walk is a hobby for many people, especially if there are no other Dreams in their region.


10 or more posters per player. Posters can be found here:


Put the posters up in areas where they will be seen by Wakes. Public bulletin boards, busy intersections, gaming stores, and libraries are desirable spots, but stapling them to telephone poles works too. Make sure to photograph your work for the archive, and if possible, try to include pictures of yourself actually putting up the posters.

If you'd like, you may also create your own posters as long as they contain the Dreaming website.

When you archive this, tag your post "AwakenTheWakes".


This Dream Walk has no need for Guides. However, if there is more than one player on this Dream Walk, and you are playing in an area which will not Disturb the Dream, each player may choose to wander off stage and take a turn as a monster.

Which stats to use?

  • 2-3 people (total) in the party - Imp
  • 4+ people (total) in the party - Adept


  • Hang materials at eye level where it'll be noticed. Angle them towards the pedestrian flow of traffic.
  • Signs posted in any area which has its own janitorial staff will be short lived. For example, malls are patrolled regularly by custodians, so posts may disappear within a few hours. But the trees and columns outside of the mall are watched with far less scrutiny.
  • If a bathroom stall opens towards the toilet, cleaning staff can't see the back side of the door when they clean.
  • Stickers and signs placed slightly ABOVE eye level are often not noticed by cleaning staff focused on sweeping or mopping the floor.
  • Bus stops and cross walks are excellent places for propaganda, as your audience is somewhat captive while they wait there. Boredom will sometimes prompt a person to read anything, no matter how inane.
  • If people ask you about the game, invite them to come play. Give them the website and let them know when/where the local players meet. One good recruitment method is to write down the time/place of an upcoming game event on cards you can hand to people. Try to get as many newcomers as possible to come play at the same time. The presence of other newcomers is a great incentive for people who might be nervous about giving the game a try.
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