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Here's are links to the articles for the Et Cetera Discordia.

Please edit at will. When you feel a piece is "finished" (ie, needs no moar editing), mark it with a bullet.

  • like this

If you don't have an account over here, please get one; it's not terribly important, but it'll make it easier to track whose done what.

notes and Discussion

Notes by Paul and 000


Style Discussion


New Pieces

for pieces added after the fourth draft or so.

  • Discordia2008. discussion on why Discordia is relevant in the year 2009.

Definitely In the Book

These Pieces are by Cramulus, and should be presented in order, but not necessarily adjacent. Cram is laying out these pages.

  • The Great Pope Joan - cool piece, not produced by the Masquerade though. A good piece of Discordian Lore.

Liber FruFru - only use internet section

  • Random Stuff - needs a title. About the weird eclectic state of modern paganism.

Shrapnel Theme:

Then St. Bones posted:

Stupid Content - a short pieces by cainad (actually about Zarathud) and a Discordian application.

Finished Cutups

note that all this stuff needs Zarathud art

5 Minutes of Panic (by Undue, DirtyEssence, and editing by Cramulus). Broad cutup. (earlier in the book)

Dream Jam - (two pieces by Shroom Bob Penta Pants). Middle cutup.

Street Time (a combonation of Street Sermon and Save Money, Kill Time. Kill Money, Save Time). Fine cutup. (later in the book)


Art & Marginalia

This stuff should be spread out throughout the book.

Misc Art


Myspace Monkeys - assorted stuff from myspace cabals

ART Thread:

WOMP Thread:

Pope Certificate Thing by Syn:

Dr Strangelove Quotes

The Koan Thread

Important question:

Do we have any way of contacting the artists? Because if at all possible, high resolution versions of these would be best. It also would be good to let the artists know that these are going to be printed in black and white and if the lack of color will be ok with them. I'd be happy to do this since the questions and file issues can get technical real quick.
Also, could someone host a big zip file of all the WOMP images on CYOHBA or something, because that thread crashes my tab before I can save them. The ART thread loads just fine however. Netaungrot 22:51, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

Reply Cramulus 15:19, 7 July 2008 (UTC)

Hard to say if we'll be able to find them. I can set you up with an admin account at the wedontexist forum, where you'd be able to see each user's e-mail address. We didn't, however, require e-mail validation or anything, so many of them may be bunk.
Everyone that submitted stuff knew it would be treated as KopyLeft, so I'm pretty sure they'll be cool with printing in in B&W.
I'll throw together the WOMP stuff into a zip and host it somewhere.
* Okay here:

Re: Reply

Fabulous. I'll have a rough draft ready in a few days at the most. Netaungrot 02:39, 9 July 2008 (UTC)

Not in / Cut Up Fodder

this is stuff which is okay, but needs heavy editing to be of Print quality. Towards the back, we'll cut it up and maybe make something as a composite of some of these pieces.

  • In this section, a bullet point means it's been used already.
  • Street Sermon - Nice piece. But the argument that government claim on an object like your car, house, etc, doesn't make it yours is debatable. It doesn't get to the point quick enough, and makes its whole point in the last paragraph. Maybe just use that?
  • Don't Panic - I don't like the tone. Already have enough "we're the Discordian Society" pieces.

Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love -a piece against monogomy. Probably doesn't need to be printed in full. See usable quotes, in the marginalia section.

  • Welcome to Dream Theater - Take some of the items in this list and spread them out through other pieces, perhaps with a distinctive font. Don't use all 23 items.
  • 5 Minutes - meh, again, this might be cute cut up with some other pieces. Doesn't stand on its own too well.
  • Bird JAMs - I don't think this is actually a very good prank, but if we cut some of the paragraphs out-of-context, it might seem more creative than it is.

Letters to the Cabbages

The Iconoclast's Manifesto

Liber Al Vel lols - we didn't write it, don't know who did, and it's not particularly funny unless your a crowlite

OMGASM Description - originally I wrote this about OMGASM, but it's a bit out of date, and Bobby Digital / Chloe said it better.

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