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Creating a Character

When you go out to play, you'll be taking on a persona. People who play role playing games might consider this a "character". This is sort of like a shtick you keep up whenever you're in-game. This persona gives you the freedom to explore ideas and jokes and attitudes you normally wouldn't. "It's not really me, it's just a role I'm playing."

You don't have to make up an alter-ego with a detailed backstory. But you can if you'd like. You don't even need to flesh out the idea too much, you can start with yourself, and then change little parts of yourself over time until you're someone else entirely. Update your avatar and profile accordingly.

It can also be helpful to give yourself a motivation, a direction in which you think your character might develop, or some other shtick you can rap about during the game.



Your character is a Discordian, one of the chosen children of Eris, the Goddess of Strife. The Discordian Society has been around since the 60s as a group of lunatic zen-pranksters. They consider humor, confusion, and satire to be holy. Some describe it as "Taoism in a Clown Suit".

Many Discordians think that society has gotten too ordered, and that things will only get better once society comes to balance again. They hope to introduce humor and disorder to counter the seriousness and order of a Grayfaced world. As a Discordian, you are involved with a nebulous conspiracy to defeat the forces of Order and subvert Bureaucracy into Aftermath. Whether you know it or not, you are a participant in Operation: Mindfuck, an attempt to addle and subsequently free people's minds. The missions in this game are an extension of Operation: Mindfuck.

Your persona is be some form of Discordian, even if she insists that she has nothing to do with those Eris Freaks. We suggest picking a suitable Discordian Holyname. Your persona exists in the real world, and like you, is a user of the game website. Your persona is just another person who has chosen to participate in this game, for whatever reason.

Some examples of character concepts

  • Pope Gnarly Gnar - "I'm a sort of gothy, introverted guy. My hobbies are drugs and the occult (specifically Crowley et al). Secretly, I foster really right wing attitudes. Over the course of this game, I'm going to slowly slide left."
  • Dolla Dolla Balls - "I was raised Catholic but eventually became kind of agnostic. I dated this Discordian chick a few years ago. Whenever she was around, a bunch of weird supernatural stuff happened (see my blog entry: "WTF LIFE"). Ever since then, I figured that if there actually was a deity, it was probably Eris. Now I'm a true believer! woop woop woop! --but this chick is still out there, and I think she's playing pranks on me."
  • Apostle Juliette Champ Hobgoblin - A travelling Erisian sage, in search of truth and perfect oatmeal and raisin cookies, lives on a bus with a cat that may or may not be Eris herself. Maybe the cat just thinks it means dinner. Who Knows, cats are inscrutable. a smoker of fine "combustibles" she wears loose fitting colours that will give you an epileptic fit. She is the hippy sporting the :facepalm: look around other hippies, the "free Hugs" girl at festivals, also secretly is a tai chi master who will kick your ass. Over the course of the game, she will become aware via meditation that some Great Tragedy is to befall us all, and needs to Spread The Word.
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