Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love

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Someone said to me: "we are living in a world of fuckers." Cool i thought.. Seems like a nice funny world. I like fucking.

But If we are living in a world of fuckers, why the fuck is it so little FUCKING!?

I looked it up on the internet - and found loads of pr0n, Hell Yeah! i thought, people fucking!

But i didnt get to fuck them. Whats the sound of one hand fucking? (Yeah ehmm - So i turned on some music)

Beatles sang to me: "All you need is love!.. Cool i though. Love is all i need. I love Love.

But i dont see much of it looking around in this world. This world of fucking lovers and loving fuckers, A lot of people have told me that Love could change the world and IS The Answer. Why is it that Fear and Greed still runs the muck then!?

WHO THE FUCK is keeping the love hostage man!? I look around for the bavarian love bandits running the muck! They must be really discrete, all dressed in black (or blank..?), and most successful conspiracy ever! Counterfeiting, facilitating and taking away what people needs and cherish the most!

I seeked high and low, deep within and without. For 23 days i seeked the conspiracy, and for 23 nights i looked for the solution. One morning out in the street, freezing my ass of just before sunrise. I was screaming out: Oh Goddess WHY!? The Word came to my mind just as the first rays of the rising sun, enlightened me. Becuase!

I found myself facing The Evil Something, thats fucking with us, keeping us from true happiness and from solving our problems. Oh WHO THE FUCK IS IT THEN? Its commonly common people! Almost EVERY ONE! (WHAT!? NOOOOO must be evil bavarian schmucks capable of such a thing, and someone reeeeally intelligent to pull such a scheam!) The means of this conspiracy thats keeping us from living in a better world is in the realms of common love. The evil facilitating suffocating limiting factor in this love drama is *drums* what we build out of our love *even more drums* our Relationships!

  • Did you give the world some love today baby?
  • Eh, No..
  • What?!
  • I promised it all to You, You are my Exclusive Person. My Lover. The one and only.

People are keeping and Exclusively giving love to one person! It must be a joke... well... eh thats the thing.. it is. Do you have any idea how common cheating is? But common people like to pretend.

Later that morning i see two one persons imposting as a penguin and a cup-cake promising each other that exclusive love for ever and ever, doing some Tolkien thingy with one ring to rule them both, and in the darkness bind them.

Those rings seems lika a bad idea to me. (Just read Tolkien! It doesnt seem worth it for that devoresed guy, Gollum. Or anyone else..) Later when im eating breakfast i overhear a couple with rings. They are still exclusive with each other, but shes complaing bout he hasnt touched her for five years. He sais he hates her, and that shes making his life a living hell. She counters that he has no heart and is mean to her. But they agree to continue exclusively for the children's sake.

Well, if love is this strange, mysterious, bright lightful thing noone can explain. Why o why are we - as soon as it gets into our lives - trying to build it in!? in strutures of exclusiveness, structures of security and structures of tradition?! Traditions and structures that obviously just a few manages to get working for them.. Instead, maybe we should try something new. Like ehm Nothing! If something is mysterious and unexplainable... and you build rules and traditions for how its allowed to exist and work, in only one place one way.. you might just not get the most and best and brightest out of it.. every rule is a cut from that unexplainable unlimited greatness, cut four sides from it in a square and you might think you got a foundation to build on, or totally crippled and facilitated the Answer... the Love..

If we dont build anything out of our love, me can stay in love!

In a world where commonly you have lots of friends and only one lover. Why not have lots of friend and a lot of lovers`? Let what is shine as bright as possible.

Every relation is unique, let it be that way.. Grow just that relationship just as that relation are. It Is and thats enough! If you dont create any rules to break, they wont be broken. If it isnt illegal to enjoy other people, it wont be a problem when it happens. You create yourself what later will be your problems. If you dont create problems in the frist place, the problems are less likely to occur. Keept unproblematic its unproblematic.. Friendship tends to be that way, why not loveship? Dont you love your friends? Arent you friend with your lover? Blur the lines! Or just dont put down a line.. and there is non.

Please! Let us end this conspiracy!

Everyone is their own solution!

Let the love be Free...

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