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The Garnet Engine is the development title for a scaling team combat LARP. Tentative name: Colosseum.

Colosseum is a boffer tournament game. To play, all you need is a group of friends and some boffer weapons and possibly some spell packets.

The game is meant to be self-perpetuating and self-scaling -- meaning that the game will work just as well with 10 or 1000 players. Playing the game also advertises the game, and players get bonuses for recruiting new members.

Core Concept

Players join the game via a social networking web portal. This allows them to register in official Colosseum matches and be ranked. They can also host tournaments for a small fee (about $1 per player).

The web portal allows you to find other players and matches in your region.

There are a variety of types of matches, and options exist to play against NPC teams (monsters) or play through other types of scenarios. (think capture the flag)


Combat takes place using padded boffer weapons and spell packets. Before the tournament, everybody selects a class from a list of 12+ character classes. Each class has 5+ skills, players select a few of them. (A quick character sheet similar to this would be created)

Most combat involves teams, so it may be a good idea to select a class which compliments the others on your team. You get a small bonus for showing up with a team wearing a matching piece of garb or costume.

During a match, players will be able to create special zones which can be used to heal, recharge, or score points. A lot of the match's strategy will involve attacking and defending these zones.

Match Types

Treasure Hunt

There is a respawn point on one side of the field.

Several trapped chests are scattered over the play area. Each one takes 1 minute to disarm. There is a token inside which must be dropped at the respawn point.

Bounty Hunt

There is a respawn point on one side of the field.

Monsters respawn from the borders of the play area. Each one carries a token which must be dropped at the respawn point.

Team Brawl

Team vs Team, last man standing wins match.

Single Match

Team vs Team, each team sends individual into single combat to fight until they are defeated.


Temporary placeholder - use the Dreaming classes/skills

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