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Manticore Consulting specializes in supporting the design and production of live games. If you're putting together a Live Action RPG (LARP), Alternate Reality Game (ARG), Interactive Theater, or foam combat experience, we can help. First, take a look at our Portfolio <link>. Then Contact Us <link> to discuss your project.

About Us

About Manticore Consulting

Manticore Consulting has 30+ years of experience running Live Action games. We love helping people develop live adventures and interactive game environments. We want to help the LARP industry and the LARP community grow together.

We've been there. We know how hard it is to start a new game. You want it to be cool, and you don't want to make the same mistakes others have made. We know how you feel! We've played Live Games all over the country, both as players and directors. We're sensitive to the things that can make a game fun or break a fun game.

We live for this. We're gamers. We like talking about games. We love running games. And we LOVE helping directors bring their vision to life. We want to help you create experiences that your players will reminisce about for years. We want to see Live Action gaming become a popular and accessible hobby. That's why we started this company.

How can we help? We offer advice to LARP directors free of charge. We'll help you talk through challenges you're facing in creating and directing your game. We charge for more substantial help, like website development and editorial services. Manticore will negotiate a price appropriate for your game's budget.

Who is the Manticore?


  • Dan Comstock - Picture - Bio
  • Mickey Golosovker - Picture - Bio


  • Bill Tobin - Picture - Bio
  • Dave Epstein - Picture - Bio - website guy


Manticore Consulting has over 30 years of Live Game experience. Here are some projects we've worked on.

  • LARPCast - Larpcast is a podcast by Mickey Golosovker and Bill Tobin about live-action roleplaying.
  • NEROlogy - Nerology is a blog by Dan Comstock about running live action games.
  • NERO International - NERO is the America's largest live boffer role playing game. There are over 40 chapters of NERO, each representing a different unique location in the fantastic World of Tyrra. Players may take their character on the road, exploring Tyrra and engaging in storylines all over America and Canada.
    • All members of Manticore Consulting have worked on the NERO rulebook and National plotlines.
    • Mickey and Dan are listed as authors of the 9th Edition Rulebook
    • Dan was head of plot at NERO Avendale from 2000-2007
    • Mickey was head of plot at NERO Ashbury from XXXX-YYYY
  • The Dreaming - The Dreaming was a scalable 24/7 Live Action RPG by Dan Comstock. A magazine about the game's story can be found here, and a draft of the rulebook can be found here.
  • Stage of the Open Air - The first LARP Dan Comstock ever created. Stage of the Open Air ran from 1997-2004 in Fairfield, Connecticut.
  • Brittanis (Jason Dawson's game - should it be here? Consultation in progress)
  • LARP Magazine - Dan was a staff writer
  • The LARPYs - Dan worked on the Live Action Role Playing Game Awards

Other Experience

Here's a list of games we've played.

  • etc etc etc


Are you filming a movie, documentary, TV show, or other video which involves Live Action RPGs? Manticore Consulting provides an insider look at the world of gaming.

We provide free advice to LARP directors about the following topics:

  • Rule Design
  • Game Websites
  • Community Development
  • Plot
  • Event Feedback Procedures
  • Staff Management
  • Logistical Management
  • Marketing Your Game

Paid Services

The following services involve a bit more attention. We charge modest rates based on the amount of time required.

  • Website Development
  • Creation of marketing materials
  • Editorial services
  • Rulebook Layout & Printing

Contact Us

When you fill out the contact form on this website, your information will be forwarded to the Manticore Consulting staff. We'll discuss your query and contact you.


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