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Summary: Mainstream Fly Fishing is a card game for 3 or more players. Players take turns being the dealer for each round. The dealer chooses a topic that mainstream culture is obsessed with that month. The other players use cards to narrate an event which takes place in mainstream culture. At the end of the round, the dealer decides which event had the biggest impact on culture, and that player gets a point. Whoever has the most impact at the end of the game wins.

Meta Note: How to Win: Mainstream Fly Fishing rewards creativity. There isn't a lot of strategy or luck involved. Somebody that can come up with an entertaining narrative will have more influence.


There are two decks, a person deck and an action deck. At the beginning of each round, every player gets 5 people and 5 actions. Players use one person card and one action card to describe an event which takes place in mainstream culture. There is no specific order for play, players can go in any order. It is encouraged that you reference the person who went before you.

Each person and each action has a "type", which could be science, entertainment, politics, or media. Certain actions can only be played with certain people. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger can be used for political or entertainment cards.


Person Cards

  • Stephen Hawking - Science
  • Richard Dawkins - Science
  • Charlie Sheen - Entertainment
  • Paris Hilton - Entertainment
  • Barack Obama - Politics
  • Sarah Palin - Politics
  • The Tea Party - Politics
  • Glenn Beck - Media
  • Jon Stewart - Media
  • Katie Couric - Media
  • Glenn Beck - Media
  • Rachel Maddow - Media
  • Arnold Shwarzenegger - Politics, Entertainment
  • Oprah Winfrey - Entertainment, Media
  • Neil de Grasse Tyson - Science, Entertainment
  • Michio Kaku - Science, Entertainment

Action Cards


  • Invents...
  • Discovers...
  • Hypothesizes...
  • Writes a book about...


  • Directs...
  • Stars in...
  • Has a debacle involving...
  • Makes a public service announcement about...


  • Makes a speech about...
  • Passes a law regarding...
  • Is accused of...


  • Reports on...
  • Fabricates evidence about...


  • Goes to jail for...

Example of Gameplay

Dealer: It's May, 2011. This month, culture is obsessed with "Silly Bandz". You know, those rubber bands shaped like animals and Disney characters.

Player 1: (putting down cards) Katie Couric did a segment about Silly Bands. She reports on how kids are choking on them.

Player 2: Stephen Hawking discovered that all matter is made up of tiny Silly Bandz. His Silly Bandz theory quickly replaces String Theory.

Player 3: Paris Hilton is accused of having a nasty Silly Bandz habit. She spends upwards of $3000 per week satisfying her craving.

Player 4: Charlie Sheen makes a public service announcement about Silly Band abuse. As usual, nobody takes him seriously.

Player 5: Barack Obama passes a law prohibiting Silly Bandz from being worn in public schools.

Dealer: Did everybody go? I'm still laughing about the string theory of silly bandz. Player 2, you get the point.

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