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Preamble: The NERO transform system provides a visible path for players to achieve a concrete goal: to specialize their character concept by temporarily becoming a creature present within the game setting. These creatures are often connected to a concept, purpose, or other element of the setting. Chapters often create their own transforms reflecting local setting. They also provide a discrete increase in power, though this is only available in certain situations.

We should look at this as a legitimate goal which a player can pursue and be able to achieve. This system also needs to avoid contributing to the game's power creep - the growing gap between new players and veteran players in ability to participate in NERO.

Concept: Transformation powers utilize the same resource as magic item slots. You may activate or disactivate a transform power in the same way that you would swap in or out a magic item, but each transform power may only be "on" once per weekend. Because they occupy magic item slots, having five transform effects active means that you cannot use magic items while your transform is active.

Players are allowed to activate their own transforms once per day, for a period of one hour. During this time, they must don appropriate costume to represent their character's partial transformation. Each transform effect is about as powerful as a magic item could be (perhaps a little less powerful), so if players are walking around with 5 transform effects, it's not in any way game breaking - it's just as powerful as a character having 5 items. Effects which have dramatic effects on fair scaling, such as "magic to hit" are not available.

Transformation powers must be imparted by a formal magic scroll. Players may only gain powers from ONE scroll. (so you can't mix and match powers from a fire elemental transform and a fae transform... you have to pick one or the other. In order to switch transforms, you must get your transformed destroyed via formal) Each scroll offers a list of 5-10 possible effects. For example, a transform to fire elemental scroll might have the following effects:

  • +10 body
  • Elemental Flame Blade x3
  • Magic Elemental Shield (usable on self)
  • 10 elemental fire x8
  • Elemental Dragons breath x2
  • Elemental Flame Blast x1
  • Elemental Flame Bolt x4

Each chapter may come up with its own transform scrolls, but the effects granted by those scrolls must come from an approved list. (this is how we will keep game breaking monster abilities out of PC hands across the board.) Chapters will be able to submit effects to that list, which will be reviewed by the NERO National Monster Team.

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