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Cramulus' Sandbox Wiki

This wiki is supposed to house Cramulus' various projects and ideas. It's a sort of workspace for all sorts of garbage. Don't take anything here as a finished product - likely it's all just the buzzing inside Cram's head. And the heads of people working on stuff here. Which makes it a kind of weird headspace. Webspace. whatever

anyway, hello. Say Hi on the Discussion panel. If you're working on anything here with me, please make a login so I know who's changing what.

Active / Ongoing

Etc Discordia - huge fucking book jesus god almost there

Dialogue of Discordia - italian philosophy from 1551. needs translation.

Sacred Chao Te Ching - Discordian version of the Tao Te Ching

Omnomnomicon - the Book of Dead Jokes - Discordianized version of the Necronomicon

CityOfDreams - TotD reconceptualized into a scaling, decentralized, 24/7 LARP

Meet Space - Article for Placid Dingo's IM issue

Scaling Guide - for NERO

Not Under My Roof - a card game designed for battling an opponent through your house

Venn - code name for the B.C. project

Dreaming Table of Contents for the Dreaming Live Action rules

Finished Stuff

Creative Portfolio - workshop space for creative portfolio

Cramble - an RFID game for conferences and conventions

Weirdness in the Strange Times - column for Intermittens 3

Hodgehogs - Piece for the DISCORDIA PROPHETICA

Exercises to Mindfuck Yourself - article for IM

Discordia - scribblings

Rapture - Poem

Target eye clouds.png

Misc Refuse / frozen

Pr0sterGASM - augmented mission for postergasm intending to increase its viral potential

spag-o-tron - robot to generate asinine blog comments

Topaz Engine - fantasy boffer skeleton rules set which outlines the use of stances and chained attacks

Ruby Engine - fantasy boffer skeleton rules set

Argonauts - another name placeholder - a Discordian ARG - work in progress elsewhere, this part is probably unupdated

CutUpBin01 - Cain's idea: "I've been thinking, because I like the whole Chaos Marxism vibe a fair bit, of doing a sort of cut-up ideology thing in TFY,S. where we get loads of ideologies or concepts, and mix them up, join them together again and see if anything can be done with the results" -- here's a bin to store cut-up source material

Callahan Crosstime Saloon - awful awful jokes for IM

Very Short Stories - article for IM

Party Game - IRL parties connect over the interweb and compete for rank

Tournament Game - a start-your-own tournament game involving live boffer combat

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