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The Party Game (name pending) is played through the game's website. The goal is to generate profit by charging a small subscription fee to groups of players. Users will be able to access the game's website and community content without being a member - membership allows you to participate in tournaments and potentially win prizes.


You get a bunch of your friends together to drink or watch movies or whatever. Maybe your gathering is larger, like a raging kegger. This game is a sort of "party activity" which will generate other activities and conversations. If people get hooked, it will become a de facto reason to throw a party.

Somewhere at the party, there's a laptop + webcam active. The game server connects your webcam /microphone to another party going on somewhere else in the world. Over the course of the evening, you'll be connected to different gatherings to play games. Game play takes the form of competitive challenges versus another party. Some require only one or two contestants, others require the whole party to cooperate.

At the end of the night, the server ranks each party by a number of measures. You will be albe to see that your party was, for example, the sickest party on the east coast.

Party Variance and Safety

The server needs to know what kind of party you're having and connect you to a compatable one. For example we probably don't want smirnoff-ice drinking 20 year old girls to connect to a party of jaded middle age heavy drug users.

So you should have to enter in some data about your party, such as the average age of the people there. You should be able to select preferences for what kind of parties you want to connect to, and this should filter out many of the awkward situations.

If you connect to a party where people are acting inappropriately (for example, you connect and all you see is some guy opening his ass for the camera), you should be able to flag them. You should still have the option of connecting to flagged parties, because you might not care if your partners are shooting up and crapping on each other or whatever.


Games played during these gatherings are supposed to be light, simple, and generate a lot of excitement and energy.

There are two styles of competitions: Individual and Group. Individual games pit two players against each other. In Group competitions, the entire party must cooperate to beat the other party.

Types of challenges:

  • Physical - players might need to sink a ball into a cup 10 feet away, do a number of pushups, or catch a ball while blindfolded. The other team will be watching via webcam and can confirm that the activity was completed.
  • Trivia / Mental - players must solve a word problem, name as many state capitals as possible, or unjumble a scrambled word
  • Scavenger - players must locate a real world object and hold it up for the web cam. Items might include a spork, a pink phone, or a picture of a dog. Some challenges will require players to construct something using materials present at the party, such as a crown. (duct tape a bunch of beer cans together!)


The real core of this game is the notion that people are bored, hungry for group activities, and like competing. Competition creates interesting group dyamics which are both contageous and addictive.

Parties are inherently chaotic, so there's always a chance somebody will flash their tits at you. Or if your party is a sausage fest, you can check out some other hotties. I see this as a major marketing factor.

Because of the competitive element, I see this as being really well suited to market to frats and other drinking societies.

Because the game is played via webcam, it will be very easy to record and upload choice footage to youtube. Through this process, playing the game generates its own marketing for the game. Furthermore, conversations about last night's party will invariably describe some of the game's activities, thereby spreading the ideavirus to new hives.

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