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This is a Single Player Dream Walk. You can go on it without a party.

You may only gain Resonance from this, or any Single Player Dream Walk, once every seven days.

(example: if you go on this Dream Walk on the 10th, you may not gain Resonance from a Single Player Dream Walk again until the 17th.)

Sometimes Wakes catch a glimpse of the Dreaming's nature. If they realize that they are having a dream, their dream becomes lucid. If many Wakes experience lucidity, it can draw more Dreams to the region. This is beneficial; it makes the Dreaming healthier.

Many Dreams spend their time trying to awaken the Wakes. This Dream Walk is a hobby for many people, especially if there are no other Dreams in their region.


Rapid Eye Movement is slang for creating a dreamlike scene in what wakes think is the Waking World. The goal is to bring elements which could only exist in a dream into everyday life. This could broadly be considered a form of Installation art (particularly Street Installations), culture jamming, or Guerilla Surrealism. If a wake is startled, confused, or uncertain about what type of reality they are in, you have succeeded at creating Rapid Eye Movement.

Tips and Ideas

  • Pick a public place which gets a lot of foot traffic. This is a time when it is okay to Disturb the Dream.
  • Pick a song and build a scene around it.
  • Create an impossible object, like something which is apparently floating (but is actually suspended from a tree by fishing line). You could use anything that does not normally occur in reality, such as a cardboard robot, or a box of wine hung from a tree, labeled "HIPSTER BIRD FEEDER".
  • A good pairing of colored lights and sounds effects can be very surreal.
  • get wakes to interact with an out-of-place object, such as a coloring book, an instrument, or a microphone
  • If your scene is coupled with posters from Awaken the Wakes, you may attract some new players.


To earn Resonance for this Dream Walk, you must post an archive which describes your scene. You must include pictures or video. If possible, you must include some Wakes experiencing or reacting to what you've created.

Tag your post "RapidEyeMovement".

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