The Book of Customs

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The Custom of Citizenship

In order to join the Empire, one must take the Oath of Citizenship. The Oath must be made out loud with at least two witnesses. The Emperor recommends that these witnesses should be citizens of the Empire, but if none can be found, any bystanders will suffice.

I hereby declare, on oath, that I will support and defend the Empire of Chimerica against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear allegiance to the same; that I will follow the Imperial laws and customs; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.

Upon swearing the Oath of Citizenship, you have the option of choosing a moniker, handle, holy name, or persona by which you will be known. If you do, announce, "From this day forth, in the Empire of Chimerica, I shall be known as <name>".

The Custom of Conquest

In order to claim land for the Empire, one must perform the Ceremony of Conquest.

First, you must select an unclaimed location to conquer. This could be a house, park, part of a park, basement, back yard, restaurant, coffee shop, clearing in the woods, town square, area around a monument, or any other place that citizens might gather.

You may name the territory you are claiming.

You must choose the territory's "mode", ie, whether the combat is turn-based or real time.

While at this territory, you must make a proclamation before a minimum of three citizens of the Empire. While there, you must elevate yourself (perhaps by standing atop a soap box, table, or chair) and read the proclamation of conquest.

After you read the proclamation, there is a ten minute window during which anybody may challenge you for ownership of the territory. You may choose at least three types of competition. Your challenger will choose from this list when issuing a challenge. If they win the challenge, they may perform the Ceremony of Conquest. If they lose, they may not challenge you again for a full month.

Examples of challenges:

  • battle
  • Foot race
  • chess match
  • poker tournament
  • riddle contest
  • board game

You must provide any props or objects required by your challenges. For example, if somebody wishes to challenge you to a duel, you must have a sword on hand they can use for the duel.

Be fair!

Proclamation of Conquest:

I <name> hereby claim this territory in the name of the Chimerican Empire. I do hereby declare and proclaim myself MAYOR and PROTECTOR of <describe the area you are conquering>, and name it <name>.

If anyone would like to challenge me for ownership of this territory, they have ten minutes to do so.

Non citizens may challenge you as well! If they are interested, have them take the Oath of Citizenship.

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