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LHX Raps!

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Fuck Yeah!

Just listened to this.

X could be in movies.  What a bad ass voice.


The Littlest Ubermensch:
Most excellent. A few suggestions though:

1. Heavier kicks ftw!
2. Less echo. I suggest copying the dry version of the vocals, then lowering the levels of the copy and adding echo to that. (And adding a light reverb to both.)
3. The bass is waay too low. The beats are great, but if you can't hear the bass, it just sounds like drums and echo.

Great job on the vocal chopping by the way. I wouldn't have been able to tell if I hadn't already known they were chopped.

There's no bass, just a few sine bombs.

Yeah, I should lower the delay.

I'll up the kick, too.


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