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Random Debris
« on: June 12, 2012, 01:26:45 am »

"Life.. Life is like running when you were little and you won't remember it but when you see a toddler trying to wobble over to the smiles and cheers of their parents, that is what we're doing, we're still toddlers but we've learnt so much that we have taken other roles, some of us have tried to tell ourselves it is the meaning of life that we search for, where our lips seek when they are not sealed and some of try to map the desert or the mind but some remember the goal"

"Adulthood is hell." - HP Lovecraft

"Netley: "I just don't know where I am anymore"
Jack the Ripper: "There, there Netley. I shall tell you where we are. We're in the most extreme and utter region of the human mind, a radiant abyss where men meet themselves"
Netley: "I don't understand, sir"
Jack the Ripper: "Hell, Netley. We are in hell"" -
 - From Hell, the movie

His is the fear and I try not to be him, at first it seemed impossible, the concept of his persona was so off that I didn't see nor understand and he was forgotten, remembered later in a different world and a different time where it feels like life both connects and severs and my hatred for him resurfaced, my agony of even knowing anyone of his caliber and slowly but surely and six feet deep somewhere Horselover Fat whispers the Empire never ended and even deeper, at the depths where we will find atlantis and mu HE shudders a moment in waking and sensitives the world around feel the apocalypse growing and no word is heard from the vatican. For the second where he wakes, we see his Empire

"No light is here emitted" - Austin Osman Spare, Promethea

No moorish man, not an othello, not a iago, his own. His own destiny, his own fights, his own road and like his roads it is magical, he strips the mystery from everyone but the stage magician who will still leave by the third door and reading his ideas, his interpretation of magic makes magic sense and it's weird and I never could find myself to believe heartily in something because there is too much shame in it, a fear of blindness, an instrument of a will more dedicated than yourself because there's atleast always one more dedicated and more ambitious than yourself, and the fear of the blind men that dwell in the one-eyed man's kingdom where life is very long, the fear is that I should not know myself but thinking I do and the shame of belief in an age where our idols become younger for each day and everything is watered down into something primordial that holds everything that needs to be held but nothing more and there is no soul anymore, there's an x factor, there are no balls and there is no hair, there is nothing but plastic infront and on stage and this is our hatred for reality, so deep does it descend through us that as we accept it and wake to it, we take a country and then we stripmine it and then we move on, this is our nature as we bring the subcultures into hyper-reality

They fight holy wars, still. Never-ending wars found from old texts speaking of a never-ending war. Everything profound written are empty words when spoken, giving reason to a cause that has nothing to do with theirs. I can hear their shadows even here, so far from that civillization I hear their shadow-drums through the night and their zeal overwhelms the cricket but the vibes are no longer good

I wish I could see the light but all there is, darkness. The sun is released from exile and as it explodes onto our planet and onto our faces and bodies and cocks and cunts we expect to react like we used to but we're not, something changed while we were looking the other way, something dropped or someone, the ball that keeps on rolling and while we were different, someone got a strike and it might have been me but noone knows because how do you ask about that from someone however dear, I lost something in a haze that used to make me me but now it's not there and all I can feel is the perpetual dread of never-ending existence, please help???

HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the ftaghn, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire, HIS is the empire
Everyone will always be too late