Author Topic: Unlimited WINDOWS 7 Memetic-Fail Thread  (Read 4225 times)

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Re: Unlimited WINDOWS 7 Memetic-Fail Thread
« Reply #30 on: October 05, 2009, 04:06:33 pm »
It shouldn't be too hard to make an ubuntu livecd that looks at first glance identical to windows 7. I mean, the windows UI isn't particularly different from GNOME. Swap out the iconsets and change some default params, then rewrite some of the text. That wouldn't be much of a prank, though.
It'd probably make the front-page of Slashdot, especially given the long-running GNU/Discordian connections. Label the disc "Windows 7 upgrade", and you don't even need to bother repackaging any of the software - just don't explicitly state the difference between "upgrade to" and "upgrade from".