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Re: Discordianism: A Definition
« Reply #30 on: July 10, 2012, 07:23:28 am »
The Golden Apple Corp

The Golden Apple Corp is the central committee, or "brain" of the Legion of Dynamic Discord, the activist branch of the Discordian Society. In official Discordian documents, members of the Golden Apple Corp affix the letters "K.S.C." after their names; this means "Keepers of the Sacred Chao". Very little else is known about them, and it is perhaps wise not to inquire further.

There are only two Keepers of the Sacred Chao, an no others will ever be authorized. Mordecai the Foul [R.A.W. -Tel], of the Santa Cruz cabal has compensated by taking the title Keeper of the Notary Sojac.

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Re: Discordianism: A Definition
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My definition of a Discordian:

1.  Thinks for him/herself as much as humanly possible and as often as humanly possible.
2.  Actively tries to see things the way they really are.
3.  Engages in activities to get other people to do the same, or berate those who would discourage people to do the above.
4.  Sees the fnords lulz.
5.  Is a rock n roller, even if they can't play an instrument or sing.
6.  Understands the idea of Saturday Night.
7.  Understands Or Kill Me.
8.  Understands that art - by the definition of the Discordian in question - is the highest human endeavor.
9.  Will Kill a Motherfucker.  Usually figuratively.
10.  Knows when to stop digging their heels in with respect to #2.

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