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Author Topic: MRSA P FOR(UM}me  (Read 70103 times)


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« Reply #165 on: May 12, 2013, 01:58:12 pm »
ad 6134 A  poem a day, will help in no way
or even pay, as its the only play
in a fewtile way, butt thats OK
it wont go away, no matter what i try
or upon whom i spy, fewtile thats it, U paathetic twit

so? Y not do two, a 1 &A Q
for no reason at all, no one in hall
pounding to get in, to increase the din
update the series, of maids 4 tv theorys
BOUT facing this way, but hay, butt HAY

ad 6168 Tiz Navy to day, so just go away, find what to say
in some other way. War is war, dull & drab, full of a lot, of PreFab, MAIDs
for TV don't U C, their not 4Me, in fact they all do, Vote for the theme
to be seen and HEARD, SO LOUD IT OBSERD. and then get their thrill,
watching the kill, fot step by foot step, UP the hill,
{ never mind EoDiMe
ad 6184 so Shirley: i am glad?/? that the fad, of post test'N A
count???/ will not amount to too much, that is the hope, now move on
to learn a new RoPe. Shirley, i don't know, does Ms actually glow, or
do they flee from powdered snow. Ho, Ho, Ho: OR maybe there is a
way to alter the rate at which theY grow, with an electrical flow
ad 6197 awoke at four, what a boar, don't U C, that taint me
Saw my neice, she is well, i guess u could say, if there is no other way
to descibe the aged & infermed, is that the word, or AM i just a _
never mind then if thats the case, i protest, my slow slow pace:
twernt my line, problel crime , cut more LIME? is that the way??

ad 6205 Munch, munch away? no its dissolve: is what they say
either way, its about the same, a loosing game, HOW much you ask? that
is a task, hard to guess, milligram per hole? about 11 per day, maybe
more, it such a bore; day after day, that's the way, toss it away?
now you know, what the adds are about? open Window$ & SHOUT

ad 6221 exactly where, why, & how WiFi disconnect occurs
i am not sure, that it does, in a never ending way, that's what i say
again & again, such a din, why bother, just grin grin grin: and as 4
reading this, hope U never miss, well U know its only A show,
Blood & GORE wat a bore, much better to snore SNORE Snore

ad 6229 So Mural: i want to say, in some off colored way
i think it wrong, to sing that song, in this day, of out wage, outrage!
the 70's have past, sure, was a blast, off to the moon, none to soon
that though,,, is no longer the tune, & soon it will be worse
than it already is. JUST Because, to much frizz. & that's all there IiZzz:...

ad 6703 6/17 Time for me to say, in some non iterative way
for me there exist two versions of the Bio.war Local & Remote
the remote is considered not only exterterestrial, but extragalatic,
& maybe ever from another universe {but that is straching the tail
to wide in my opinion. Local.Bio is the standard Bottom up verity
OR the Maid4prime.time.tv JUNK. so from bottom up = LocaL to
top down = remote = extraterestrial etc etc etc. It's A 2front war
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« Reply #166 on: May 19, 2013, 10:28:35 am »
one line per W day should keep the loss of carriers away{ad 6242
ad 6263  its bad, its worse than bad {get over it, it gets much worse
ad 6290 currently >10 <15 per day {around 11 -13 actually
6302 6323^ 6344= 6361vBp126/83P99 6393^ 77Surg/7days=avg11/day6409v
6425- 6447= 6461~ 6470^ 6481= 6502v 6505v 84/7=12/d
6559v 6571^ 6584^ 6598= 6606= 6614- 6617v 56/7=8
6627v 6640v 6661v27/3=9 -ad-= 6680- 6689~ 6700^ 40/4=10
6707v 6714v 6719^21/3=7 6738^ 6747^ 6771^ 6780~ 44/4=11
6787v 6805^ 6818 30/3=10 6825^ 6836^ 6852^ 6868= 48/4=12
6887 6975 7068 27/3=9 707- 7092 7099skip? 20/4=5
do not be confused by the low count what it means is the situation
went unattended, not that there was a reduction in actIVity ?
while it is true there are times when things seam better ?/? the
overal trend worse, worser, & worsening etc
4get it & read .
7123 ? 7148
0k ? bac2poe.ETC-ft two MsRa's per um Means small
in angstroms terms Å 10^-10 metre, or 0.1 nanometer{e-9 ?.0001um{e-6
Maybe {see con below | Two.e4 Å
20,000 Å or Fs=
http://www.photonics.byu.edu/fwnomograph.phtml   ? .5um ==599584.916
Ev=2.48 Light=visible ?A bright doublet known as the Sodium D- lines at 588.9950 and 589.5924 nanometers. ?.6um { try B4U.by

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« Reply #167 on: July 01, 2013, 01:25:55 pm »
ad 6864 BBC IN 5 MIN
ANYWAY MY TAKE ON TODAY'S bbc broadcast was the sea weed mat fiber?

NHK in 1 hour ?/? dhra6
difficult for me to NArate the BioHazMee's? i should say something
the photo ? video essay is totally lacking | &i know its My Own Darn Fault

6975 does it really help 2B alive {at record low weight 1485
7068 on this date: i say :fnord: BP 107/78 ?
ad 7077 sound so serious i can only guess 12:43:54
ad 7099 Bad enough } did submit sample }} hA {ad 7123
AD 7137 yeah? 21st century bio.wa is NOT Std fun&game
that THAT is taking place i have little doubt, however i feel drawn to
another aspect of the current  TOURism tails AS follows

My questions are about the effects of electromagnetic
radiation at the cellular level, & the current planet wide protests


7148 don't get me wrong: Good = Sun Light Bad = 2Much
:fnord: rsa-28 :fnord: WiK+int2
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« Reply #168 on: July 11, 2013, 06:25:27 pm »
7148 = CON fused. copper alloys kill more than 99.9% of MRSA within two hours. see WiK+ above
allright: 10:20 20130711 try Cu & Na.Lite
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« Reply #169 on: July 12, 2013, 08:58:59 am »
ad 7164 copper as U kno is only a surface glow
oh well _  _  _ ? i did look, in the isle, no smile, 4 sodium lamp
but did not camp, long enough for champ, to bring 1 up the ramp


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« Reply #170 on: July 14, 2013, 09:47:57 am »
ad 7203 &BAC2 somE Form of reality {mayB
ad 7227 Bad->Worse using CU.ext 2nd day? &ad 7236v
20130715 12:34PMpdT 30 30 10 =70+/7d = 11d/w
a new method {CU has begun thus 3 counts
OLD 1 was Tumeric external/plaster/paste
also taken internally as a spinkle on food

#2 is small CU wire - {that size .1x1mm ?
applied to small ? leasions / skin breaks/

3rd{#10) are copper pennies applied direct to
Larger eruptions {i call volcanoes >1mm
can be large | usually < dime size but on
ocasion up to 1/2 dollor | as shallow 1's?

?/?? the ext.tumeric may be phased out 2nd
1/2 of July. as maybe CU helps {maybe not
As far as i know????/ Nothing does | Butt
then i only go by what the computer  says.

The JoOk is on me i know, as the nitty
gritty details of blood letting evolve
| involved in plaster/paste.pu pracTus
takes on its maids for prime time tv Doc U Mint'$
of the required MORE heath insurance options in US MailE
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« Reply #171 on: July 16, 2013, 05:02:20 pm »
ad 7243 7253cu.change=>More Scratch? 7269 7284 7303 7312 7319
ad 7360 {Weekly SOMe} ,pennies{60|, wire{40|, old turmeric{10|110/wk
Maybe 16/d ?/? however that # makes No ¢ents stay on 60 (UM}? units
those Laundered .$ are applied directly to >.5mm with paper tape no lub
the small CU wire?22? 1/4 to 3/8 length are used on smaller spots and ?
cracks. The pennies{Cu) are more active than the Silver dimes used prior
to the switch over to Turmeric. Turmeric is being replaced with Cu????/
and its to soon to say what the long term results will be. the small wire
applied to small spots/&/cracks.scratch.LINES seams to be doing magic?
perhaps its more wishful thinking  than reality? Some of the Larger ¢
applications appeared to become much worse area & depth wize? BUT
theres little doubt that something is taking place. if its DEAD MsRa i
DO NOT KNOW. there were a couple of pewwes involved if that helps
for now its thumbs up for Copper ????/ Next period should be too????/

ad 7364 A NEW PERIOD BEGINS 7401 7407
Mon-Thur 3d 0=Turmeric, 12=Wire, 52-1¢entPC
0/3=0 12/3=4/d.Avg 52/3=17/d.Avg,
the increase i counts ? is more probably due
to procedures than do to " spread of desease "
WhiTch in my version is the TV version NOT mine
I hold 5 versions total
0: Global = Made in Iraq | { never deployed by them
 a. deployment followed there capture by Victors, etc
1. ISS Inner Solar System out to {not including Jup.
 a. deployment {by Martions | occured after Curesoty
2? Solar system No explaination at this time
3: from beyound | this version springs from UFo 70's
 a. it assumes the conquest of earth by Alians.
#4 finally requires a parallel universe
 b- because adjsent or remote TV challels can blead
    over and become ghosts in channel brodcast WAY
    only in 3d realities NOT 2D,,,,\ FLAT screen 
{ad 7412
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« Reply #172 on: July 25, 2013, 06:43:20 pm »
ad 7412} i will include a red & blue version
not that there is any truth to either other than color..
and eveN this is subject to changing phosphers.

.a elsewhere it has been mention that i consider myself
an OBE version | reportedly 10% of the population?/?
&i doubt this also: Not an active OBe type No talking
to the dead, or chat with the AFTER WORLD Just 2
or 3 events. ONE {the main one| from the day i was
born | TBC {Maybe
Another tail i will try to weave into this non¢emts
is Mental Health State of Oregon HAs Me & One flew too.
these tails have 1975 {HollyWood & 1981 {Oregon St. BAr's
#'s { Probably not TBC ||||| UNless Questioned

& NeveR expect the truth, or lies eithor Just ¢Heep shots
& SHEepisH Rem's


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« Reply #173 on: July 25, 2013, 06:57:16 pm »
YES indeed i do have engraved in leg bone memory details
of the Reported 19380126 day

no i did not know what day it was.
only that i could see myself hanging upside down grasp
by the ankles by the Dr. | my swat on the behind | the sound of
My fist SCREAM |  i had a strong set of luings etc

no i have no concept of how OBe works | only that THAT is
what i believe | believe whatever you like | i'LL stick with 19380126
anyway i was headed somewher with this only now i have

OH yeah, the fact that day one, i was not optomist
about being crash dummy for all the new MODERN  Weapons
of war | i avoided the cross bow | B4 my time | but in 1958
there Was Hardtack ? its still is | however pobably A revised
Revision | like to Texas Oil co Cooper Mt 1 9.6K Hole

{never mind the sarcasm'$
What can i tell you? Oregon is spelled with an "OH"
whiTch Vietnamees O it is i have no idea | ask 1


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« Reply #174 on: July 26, 2013, 01:24:59 pm »
ad 7492 7517 7530^ 7542~ 4 day summery to follow v Later Laundry day}
ad 7548} the Mon Ms report as follows | about 80=20/d
although not exact figure +/1 /d although some
days _ are few and some ^ many | not determined
_ the effects sttill appear to be effective
however it is also possibly wishfull thinking
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« Reply #175 on: July 30, 2013, 08:43:16 am »
ad 7640 yeah? another 3d regurge due late today 4get4now

ad 7556ad 7612
ad 7556

Now you're just showing off.

Get back to 2013 like the rest of the class.
Actually just brown noising same as U

@ hirley:
T'anks i'poise { be carefull about what U @ At as my guess
is the main 5 IA spend more -Hi.ing than theY did -O.Som,ING, U  could
easily wind up aiding 0 which might get you 20 + B WARned

Your intreset ? in HOrses does interest my also
Take a copper penny and look at it? what are those black spots
there all over copper? i wash{scrub them off ?/? and soon ????/
More black appears? is it amospheric? it sure is a mystery what
is going on on the surface of a copper penny

and as for soaking /? in any solution | which is a solution
how i wish | No TUB only shower | and now the shower temp is
down to 100 degerres F. talk about frigid. part of the 5.some new
water boaring i 'poise. Anything for the Buck. A Rue now bak2 BROWN
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Doktor Howl

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« Reply #176 on: July 30, 2013, 03:10:08 pm »
ad 7556

Now you're just showing off.

Get back to 2013 like the rest of the class. 
Sometimes there is no solution.  Like carbon in the atmosphere, where a high enough rate will not come back to normal for a thousand years or more.  So don't hold your breathe, because none of us will live to see it, even if we lived the theoretical maximum age a human can reach.


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« Reply #177 on: July 31, 2013, 01:13:42 am »
@ hirley:
Copper wire applied to your sores isn't likely to do much.

My suggestion, and it MAY NOT BE A GOOD ONE?
 Purchase some copper sulphate, which can be bought at a feed store or farm store.

Find out what strength solution is safe to apply to human skin, and swab yourself in it every few hours.
Spot test it first, to make sure you aren't going to react to it, and it's not going to burn.

You might also use a small amount and do a bath soak.

...I was trying to find copper sulphate hoof liniment, but it's only sold overseas.
Hope was the thing with feathers.
I smacked it with a hammer until it was red and squashy


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« Reply #178 on: August 01, 2013, 07:01:06 pm »
ad 7646 Thursday? 2013 08/01 MsRa uptic
60/3=20/d yeah? so 1st i should say something about timing
in the biological WaRFair game | Timeing is inportant
ever 4 hours, & no currently i try4 3day &4day Thur&Mon
while its true i will try to find the SulFate of copper
it will take me a very long time to do it.. {Sorry
in the mean time do a dity about copper clad pennies????/
o more presicely the black deposits on the surface of.
the Question is WHAT is it {the black? IF i take a
handfull of new bright pennies and emerse them in tap
water a % of them become blackend? AM i the only 1 ?
{ok never mind | Questioning the experts. I have 5
theories. based upon size of enviorn starting with
1. Local | it says that there were weapons of Mass
distruction in Iraq, they were found & then deployed
Of course the were not the prototype {NuK'$ but
were in fact the biological ones now in circulation?
2: is Global there being 2 main divisions.
 a. interplanit Mars v Earth & UFO{70's version
4: & 5? tbd | enough bs4oneD | Maybe dailies?}V

.07 cu {get on with daily rub&scrub????/
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« Reply #179 on: August 03, 2013, 04:15:05 pm »
it is aug 3rd, what a turd, don't U C, its only me:
yes she came by, only to cry, kids come around only to frown?
& then there is the rat, came right up, where i sat,
skart me away i will say! & i best mention, the filter i saw
really full of some substance i call? what was that? come from a sack
fom an isle i poise, to repose, in my lung, no wonder my fear,
did you hear? sob after sob, its the kids job, wash it away ?/?
maybe some day? How is your filter? out of kilter? never mind
then, back to the bin? .07 is what i say????/ until another day
CHICCHAN{serpent "BREATH"   | {i mean ad 7680
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