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Stupid dream
« on: July 22, 2014, 03:16:10 pm »
Little Antimony, just six years old with hair that wasn't so much "curly" as wild, youngest daughter of the magician couple, went to the door. The robot on the other side was her friend, her brother. He was not so much older than herself, after all. He was a bit shorter than her father with a neutral face and matte black exterior panels.
"[E****], you can't come in," her mother called out. "Something's gone wrong, we still need to fix it."
"I just want to see my family" he said, pressing into the wooden door and straining the hinges.
"Just give us a little -- Antimony!" she shouted, as the girl opened the door. The change in the robot was immediate, smile giving way to a feral snarl. He lunged towards her but she ducked to the side and ran out into the yard. He chased. The virus would make him hunt them down, youngest to oldest, so she was first. Her brother and sister bolted after her, but she was already too far ahead, and the robot didn't care about them just yet. She reached the old tree and scrambled up the first low branch, then ran along the gently sloping branch to one side. It turned back towards the trunk and she grabbed a rotting branch that nearly gave way under her slight weight. It crumbled under her foot as the robot grabbed it, and she scrambled to get her foot away. Finally, she broke out from the tree cover and could see out into the world, but what she saw was not the familiar vista.
The sky was black, with pinpoint stars visible. The land everywhere was barren rock, and in two places the rock itself had been rearranged as if it were clay in the hands of a child. Two massive holes, with displaced rock built up along the edges, and through those holes in the planet, two suns were visible. The ground beneath her tree melted, and boiling lava rushed upwards, engulfing its old and rotten trunk. The robot was still just beneath her, grabbing for her foot and oblivious to the molten doom climbing up below it. She looked out again to the suns.
"Have you forgotten?" They asked, not in words but a rumbling sensation she could feel in her bones and understood on a level deeper than language. "You are a magician, your whole family is. You bend the world to your will."
She looked down, and she willed her mechanical brother to just stop. He seemed confused. She pushed with her mind on the lava, and it slowed and started flowing back into the earth, leaving behind a thin film of molten rock on the trunk. She climbed down a level so she was next to the robot, then opened the air and walked into her parents' house through the closet door.
"Mom? I tracked some lava in the house," Antimony called out.
"I'll get a mop," she answered.
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