Author Topic: Anonymous' Project Mayhem 2012: Immanentize the Eschaton on 12.21.2012!  (Read 5250 times)


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Yup, I know Doktor, sooooo much info for a first post, but it's not commercially oriented whatsoever and I think it's pretty impressive discordianism at it best. I'm just a lurker in the game, but, honesty Doktor and guys, you really gotta check this out! Blows your mind when you REALLY consider that RAW might have been right all this time!  :eek:

It does look like fun, and a good project. But can I give you some advice? Start with a smaller amount of info, and a few links that people can click to follow and explore the rest on their own? You are less likely to overwhelm and turn off your audience that way. :)

I seriously agree with this. The project has some definite potential, but the presentation really made it hard for me to finish reading. I am familiar with nearly every meme presented, as such there is little novelty (and in this particular audience, you will find that many are familiar with a large percentage of those memes). Little novelty in the Signal means low Information content.

Also, you've found the "honest to goddess" OM Agents..... so that portion of the memetics could have been better targeted at the current audience. (You say "May exist" and everyone in the audience who has participate in an OM project is gonna snicker.)

Still intrigued, but the OP did temper my immediate enthusiasm.
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You lost me at the fibonacci golden spiral bullshit.

I'll read through it again, don't worry, it looks interesting. But the whole fibonacci golden spiral is nature's magical golden constant that explains everything and appears throughout everywhere is a very very very tasty meme that has been fooling the fools for centuries.

See this thread here

Yes you can find lots of parallels with fibonacci numbers, golden ratios and pentagons and pentagrams, but that's all mathematics and number theory.

The lie is the part where they draw nature into it.

Did you measure the angles of those pictures of spiral galaxies? Bet you didn't. They're not golden spirals.

Neither are most sea shells, except by coincidence.

Neither is there any measurable human preference in designs for ratios of 1.618 (phi) versus 1.5 (3/2) or 1.666 (4/3). There is, however, evidence for preference of superparticular numbers in design and music, which the ratios of 3/2 and 4/3 are.

Neither do most of those old architectural Greek, Egyptian, Roman or what-have-you buildings measure up to the golden ratio. Except approximately. Which means it could be 1.5 or 1.666 as well.

Plus you can cherry-pick which ratios you measure and which ones you don't so you don't have to fudge as much. That's what they did for the "analysis" of the Apple logo. Also, did you check whether any of those circles and rectangles actually have the golden ratio? Did you also check which ones suspiciously did NOT? :lol:

Phi, the Golden Ratio as it's supposed to be utterly ubiquitous in Nature is very much a Law of Fives thing. It becomes more apparent, the harder you look. Except it's a red herring.

Very useful to separate idiots that just like to regurgitate pretty pictures of sea-shells and spiral galaxies with magic pentagons and lines from the ones that actually bother to check whether the image actually "proves" what they want to believe it proves :lulz:

I'll re-read and check out the other stuff though. Seems fun.
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Re: Anonymous' Project Mayhem 2012: Immanentize the Eschaton on 12.21.2012!
« Reply #32 on: August 11, 2011, 03:22:54 pm »
Discordian Meta Reality Hacking game being played at !! :fnord:  :lulz:

so my workplace firewall is blocking this as a "malicious website" - can anybody fill me in as to what this is about?

like Telarus said - you found the hive - people who consider themselves OM agents and are hip to these ideas. You've gotta spoon feed us a bit more about the project though... what is the goal, what is the action taken to accomplish that goal?