Author Topic: Goodbye class action suits, it was nice knowing you  (Read 810 times)


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Goodbye class action suits, it was nice knowing you
« on: September 21, 2011, 10:30:16 pm »
If it seems easier lately for companies to add small fees on your bills and harder for you to get your money back, that's because it is.
A Supreme Court decision that was denounced as a “crushing blow to consumers” when it was announced in April has become exactly that, according to lawyers who argue on behalf of alleged victims of corporate cheating. The decision, which upheld corporations’ right to enforce fine-print contact language that compels consumers to waive their right to file lawsuits, is being used to squelch legal cases across the country, they say.


Considine's case is among countless others around the country affected by the ruling, known as AT&T Mobility vs. Concepcion.  In that case, the Supreme Court ruled that a California law prohibiting waiver of class action lawsuit rights was trumped by the Federal Arbitration Act. Open season was on.

The ruling is fostering decisions that a company's right to enforce arbitration clauses trumps almost every other interest -- and it's falling like a hammer on consumer cases around the country.

Note: This is crossposted from Da6s thread on Sony in the Techmology forum.
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