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Squishy Big Banana
« on: February 11, 2012, 11:54:14 am »
No one ever said you need to ignore the Horror.  Lord knows I've had enough in my years to know this truth. 
But staring to long into the vortex of Horror eventually draws you in to the point that you are forever entrenched.  And then you forget to have fun.  You forget the point of life which is to make yourself some joy in this cosmic blink of time.  And if you fancy yourself to be someone to take up the cause of combatting the horror, to turn it back, to PUSH it back, you need that experience of joy to know what it is you are actually fighting for. 
If we don't know laughter, if we don't know the Joys of The Weird, if we don't cherish The Silliness, there is no reason to do anything about The Horror.  There is no motivation.  We'll just scream until we laugh until we projectile vomit blood.....and then nothing happens. 
Indeed, we CANNOT ignore the Horror.  But while we observe, while we acknowledge, while we plan how to fight it back, we must also gird outselves with FUN and LAUGHTER.  We must arm ourselves with SCATTELOGICAL HUMOUR!  We much instill deep within ourselves the importance of Happy Idiotic Anarchy! 
And then brothers and sisters, let us take up our rubber chickens and seltzer, and lets fuck shit up!
Cynicism is a blank check for failure.