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Oysters Rockefeller:
I came up with this idea during the "labels imply products" thread, and although Iptuous kinda proved me somewhat incorrect, I though these would still be fairly excellent. The idea is to get people to associate what they view the opposition as with what the opposition views them as. They read "sexual deviant" and go
"Oh, yeah. Gay people are totally sexual deviants."
then read "hate mongering fascist" and, in theory, might associate the two opinions. Potentially change some minds or whatever. I dunno. Finish looking at these and then argue with me.

EDITED! To amend my drug stuff, and also to add a cover, after Navkats suggestion. And add some more posters.

suggestions on how I can improve any of these are more than welcome.

Nice! Do more!

FUCK, These should be compiled into one official-looking questionnaire document and passed around or left in coffee shops as a "Take one" with our URL on it. Someone should also use some polling software to create an online version that redirects here when "submit" is clicked.

Oysters Rockefeller:
That's a pretty good idea. I'll see if I can't get some more done.

Sidenote: the text at the bottom, when compiled, forms a to-do list for how to have an LSD-like experience using household items. Funny stuff.

See, I feel that's where people might get turned off. Mindfuckery shouldn't take sides on a polarizing issue like drugs because then you lose part of your audience and part of your intention. People who already like LSD are gonna go "fuck yeah!" and the people you most want to reach will go "Oh, one of THOSE people." The entire point re: "labels" will be buried under a steaming pile of bias.

Better: a set of instructions on how to make soup. A recipe for home made clay. Or glitter bombs. Or how to construct a marshmallow gun out of PVC.


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