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Chasing Eris

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Placid Dingo:
I'm taking the better half of next year to travel. I have a weird thing where I don't like to travel for travel sake, so I usually find some work/project/courses to build plans around.

I want to get into a writing project, ideally accessable enough to get accepted by a publisher, that charts the contemporary Discordian scene. So if you're keen for me to harass you, in person, sometime next year, let me know. Also if anyone puts put up for a night, I pay for accom with making dinner.

If you make your way to Alaska, you can crash on my super comfy couch.

Sounds like fun!

Juana Go?:
Can't put you up, but if you wander through the Central Valley in California, I'll meet up with you and see if we can connect with some local Discordians.

I somehow doubt that you'll be making it to Norway, but if that happens, I have a very comfy sofa.

Great idea, I would look forward to following, however, I doubt my wife would be keen on strange spags crashing the couch.


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