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Post what you're eating while you're drunk.  Sober need not apply.

CROUTONS AND SOME KIND OF ALFREDO SAUCE NOMNOMNOM while drinking something pink.  There's grapefruit flavor in it, maybe.  Letters are too hard to read.

Nephew Twiddleton:
Can't help you today, but I'll  be drunk Saturday and possibly Sunday.

Mesozoic Mister Nigel:
I can't get proper drunk because midterm and foster kids tomorrow, but I did two chapters of maff and made 26 beads and am now about to make a drink from the metric buttraft of booze that E.O.T.'s parents left at his house.

Oh, oh god. I made a drink and this "margarita mix" stuff is fucking disgusting, what is this???

Triple Zero:

--- Quote from: PROFOUNDLY RETARDED CHARLIE MANSON on August 02, 2012, 06:36:51 am ---Oh, oh god. I made a drink and this "margarita mix" stuff is fucking disgusting, what is this???

--- End quote ---

is it the pre-mixed margharita stuff? that IS seriously disgusting and I'm going to suggest you to drink something else and keep this around to serve to your enemies or something, or bring it to a party that has lots of unsuspecting people and just leave it there.

we had actual margheritas in actuality yesterday and THEY were good. terribly good.

                                       OW OW OW MY HEAD good

:regret:       /

Nephew Twiddleton:
Margaritas. So many tasty drinks, such a bad idea to mix, so little birthday.

Remembers at least one thing from last year.

(It was puking cake and tequila all over the pub. Thankfully we're on friendly terms with the owner and he was like, whatever.)


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