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Chuck Bagsteak via impromptu French Water Grill

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Emo Howard:
So I needed this mixer with controlled speed, right? And I had a variable speed drill, a cheap drill press, and a mixing blade. I went to Lowes and found a lamp dimmer and hooked it up to my drill to control the speed, and then used zip ties to attatch the drill to the drill press, and to hold in the button on the drill.

The drill press I was using was one like this:

It was missing the part that holds the drill.

This is the lamp dimmer I used:

I also had a crock pot, and I thought to myself "hey, I bet I could use the lamp dimmer on the crock pot and make it into a French Water Grill".

So I did that.

I cooked some chuck steaks in it using those vaccum bags they sell at Walmart. They were ok. I cooked one of the chuck steaks regular for comparison. It was different. I can't say I liked either way over the other, but it was scientifically kind of interesting, I guess.

One good thing did come of it, though. While I was cooking the bagsteak, I needed to use the mixer, but I couldn't, because I needed to use it, like, all night, and I forgot that when I started the bagsteaks.

So I found another way of doing it so that I didn't need the mixer anymore, which is good, because I work late at night, and my roommate has a 4 year old daughter that lives here half the time, and that drill was loud, and in the kitchen.

That's my story about bagsteak.

I think "bagsteak" is a much more appropriate term than "sous vide".

If nothing else, you gave me a new word.  Thanks.

Mesozoic Mister Nigel:
"Bagsteak"  :lulz:

I have a new euphemism for my vagina!




East Coast Hustle:
EH, congratulations. You put alot of time, effort, and cleverness into the SINGLE WORST THING EVER.

Also, :lulz: @ bagsteak.


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