Author Topic: I Live in America  (Read 1587 times)

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Re: I Live in America
« Reply #15 on: October 19, 2012, 07:38:04 pm »
I live in PROGRESSIVE America. Not the way you commies think of "progressive", but REAL progressive, we get everything FIRST, after they test it at places like Pine Ridge (which are predominantly smudgey and therefore, not really american).

What do we get first, you ask? Nothing. The object of being PROGRESSIVE is to keep everything out. So FUCK your education, health care, and soft jobs, RICK PERRY SAYS WE DON'T NEED THAT SHIT. Our teen pregnancy rate PROVES that we are a growing, vibrant community.
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Re: I Live in America
« Reply #16 on: October 23, 2012, 02:55:18 pm »
I grew up in America the Classic. Two parents who fought constantly and a million relatives who where much more into their imaginary friends that live in the sky than in the real people right in front of them. Apple fucking heartland pie, it was.

Despite my best effort, I've never seen what it looks like outside of America. I've been to 10 different countries and not one of them wasn't America. To the south they speak Spanish, but are as American as anyone here. In the middle east I thought I would see another culture, but as the Arabs put on their best Billy Mays to sell me cheap goods I felt right at home. "My friend, my friend, is cheapest!"
And Japan? Shit. They put on a good show, showed us how traditional they are. Sushi. Table floors. Bowing.
When the show was over they put on the suit and tie and went back to the cubicle, just like good Americans.

And today? I would need pics to prove how deep I am now.
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Re: I Live in America
« Reply #17 on: June 06, 2013, 07:10:08 pm »
That was pretty awesome.  I must try to find time to tell you about MY America.

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Re: I Live in America
« Reply #18 on: June 06, 2013, 08:35:54 pm »


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Re: I Live in America
« Reply #19 on: June 07, 2013, 12:34:21 am »

We're all living in America, even if we don't want to; is it OUR America? Yeah, right. Coca-cola, Wonderbra, X-mas, Halloween, Walmart, 7-11, Fritos, Ford...

In "our" America nothing is pure, everything is corrupt... in "our" America, there is an abundanza of resources which a minority properly gobbles up.

There's a reason why right now we are communicating in English and not Spanish, nor French or whatever... not like it matters, sooner or later we will all be speaking Mandarin.

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Re: I Live in America
« Reply #20 on: June 09, 2013, 07:36:18 am »
Where every red left turn arrow is an opportunity to say fuck you to the man.


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Re: I Live in America
« Reply #21 on: June 11, 2013, 08:19:56 am »
I can see the American dream.
The gated community compounds, the good schools, the hospitals where people don't have to wait in the ER for 14 hours because they are not actively bleeding to death, the toll-roads so that the rich aren't inconvenienced by the teeming masses on the freeway....
I see the Land of the Bright Shiny Surface.
Your dreams are sucked down into nothing, and you are nothing, and all is nothing, and no matter how many clean and well-lit places you find, it all means nothing.
But it sure does look nice.
The miserable trudge you make through life as pointless as trench warfare, and your hopes and dreams and happiness, that doesn't matter....
In the end a pickled packaged carcass slides in to the ground and it sure looks NICE.

All pointless, all empty, but with a shiny surface and whitened teeth to devour your neighbors, the gleam on the blued barrel and have a nice day, motherfucker, because your vote COUNTS, Hallelujah.
Everything COUNTS and it all COUNTS towards selling your soul for a pile of meaningless shiny plastic SHIT.
And everyone dreams of living in a place where someone with the tightest asshole imaginable comes by and measures the length of the fucking grass in your yard.  AMERICA! YEAH!
And it all looks so nice.
So nice.

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