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"Give these bitter bitches something uplifting to criticize"


--- Quote from: GavrielDiscordiaEPIS on October 26, 2012, 02:26:08 am ---

For Discordians and other Free Minds.

Connect with other Creatives, Makers, Writers, Musicians, Artists, Producers, wha

Retailers, Publishers, Talent Scouts, Booking Agents, etc are welcome.

Tell us what you do, what your looking for, and keep it serious.

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I find it admirable that someone has FINALLY figured out how to make money using this religion. HOWEVER:

1. FUCK that. Not F*ck that. Why would anyone say fuck and then censor it?
2. Where's my money? As a Super Official Church Official, I want a cut. A least throw some cash Faust's way to help keep the dream alive. This is the absolute center for Discordian Culture after all.
3. You may have heard of these folks, Scientologists. They make mad money in the religion racket, they must be doing something right. Be more like them.

I would offer my time to do so, but I quit the FB to pursue cleaner living.

ETA: Actually I have more.

Pink Nightmare Squad. WTF?

So, you're using a symbol to empower women by giving bad men something to fear. Presumably people wearing PNS products are going to punish these kind of men. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for justifiable vigilante justice. What I don't understand is how you are going to implement that kind of violence effectively, while selling MOICHENDIZING, without getting caught. Won't they link that violence to...say the people broadcasting their criminal intent on the internets to sell MOICHENDIZING?

I'll just leave the whole Capitalizing On Abuse Victims With Cutsy Crap thing alone because, well

Placid Dingo:
Oh hey! Suu's promoting her book in there!

Alty, I read that as Pink Nightmare Squid.  Which, if you think about it, is much, much better.


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