Author Topic: Roger, you were right about a certain someone.  (Read 883 times)


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Roger, you were right about a certain someone.
« on: November 22, 2012, 06:28:43 am »
I can't find the fucking quotes of the moment thread, so here's this:

Having an argument about schedule fubar with regards to it being ex's turn to take monkey for the holiday (I take him certain holidays on odd years, he does on evens.  He hasn't taken him a single holiday that he's supposed to this year so far).  Excuses, arguing, excuses, arguing and poking (I'm NOT sorry, because he shows no interest in taking a bigger role in monkey's life, and he ought to be ashamed), arguing and defensive, calling shenanigans, whining about how he doesn't get to go out, then this:

Me:  Go out on a weeknight.  Meet up with (GF) somewhere right after work and do something.  Stop taking your friends for granted and show a little appreciation and maybe they'll cut you a break occasionally and watch (his kids).
Stop whinging about how you can't do anything and Go Do Something.

Him: n't as I told u I save these text.

getting back in town so no drop him off on friday.  And as for friend and not apprectating them um how that got 4 u and roger and jen? Ya not well. 

Me:  I think you might be sending texts too quickly.  I didn't get a clear messageout of that except that you seem to be saying it isn't worth it to treat your friends with decency.

That's a fucked up thing to say, man.  It might be why you have no friends.

Him:  I don't give a shit about friend if they don't like honesty then they r not friendm so have a nice night and a good thanksgiving.

So I guess you were right, and him just being him IS a punishment.   :lulz:  I'm sorry I doubted you.
If someone does the ďFine, youíre right, Iím clearly a terrible person, Iím Satan, Iím the worst person alive, I should just dieĒ thing in response to criticism of their harmful behavior, they are trying to manipulate people and flip the situation around so that they look like a victim.

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