Author Topic: Prism and Verizon surveillance discussion thread  (Read 58540 times)

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Re: Prism and Verizon surveillance discussion thread
« Reply #720 on: November 23, 2014, 09:22:44 am »
Mark Thomas is a good man.

RE: Checks and balances are supposed to check and balance government and corporate interests, but they are working together more and more. Cooperation is nice, but it kinda sucks that they are working together against humans.

Humans are no longer the dominant organizational pattern on this planet.
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Re: Prism and Verizon surveillance discussion thread
« Reply #721 on: February 27, 2015, 06:19:55 pm »
On the note of Mark Thomas, the current show is "Cuckooed".

In short, without too much detail, it involves a personal instance of (Possibly corporate) spying during actions against the arms trade.

Large parts I was familiar with from other contexts and it's still quite fucking grim.

ix NUJ members have discovered that their lawful journalistic and union activities are being monitored and recorded by the Metropolitan Police. They are now taking legal action against the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the Home Secretary to challenge this ongoing police surveillance.
The NUJ members involved in the legal challenge include Jules Mattsson, Mark Thomas, Jason Parkinson, Jess Hurd, David Hoffman and Adrian Arbib.
All of them have worked on media reports that have exposed corporate and state misconduct and they have each also previously pursued litigation or complaints arising from police misconduct. In many of those cases, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner has been forced to pay damages, apologise and admit liability to them after their journalistic rights were curtailed by his officers at public events.

The union is extremely concerned by the lack of legal safeguards to protect the press and trade unions from state interference, and believes the actions of the authorities do not abide by domestic law and the European Convention on Human Rights, including Article 8 on privacy, Article 10 on freedom of expression and Article 11 on freedom of assembly and association.

Taking bets, etc. etc.

Seriously, given the likely size of the total list, I'd bet you could throw more than a couple of names out and likely be correct.
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