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Re: Fuck you, bitch
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2014, 04:09:26 am »
Of course, context is very meaningful. When the term is not being used as a pejorative, which also happens, there is a different dynamic and subtext.

Exactly this IMO. A random "Fuck you bitch" can be taken as nothing but the worst meanings intentionally to any person it's directed at.  A smiling "Fuck you bitch" in intimate company could be a tacit admission of defeat, a signal of genuine but benign annoyance, a come on, or any number of things. Tone and context count for so much more in communication than specific wording that in a very real sense sometimes words only add flavor to the meaning.

This applies to all the major '-bomb' words in my opinion. I grew up in a Wisconsin pit named Racine where some time before I was born the N-bomb became so prolific that it's contextual meaning grew well beyond racism (the root of racism being racine, french for root :fnord:). There in a bar I would very likely have to shout it at a black person with clear intent to be taken as insulting them for their ethnicity. This is something unique to the area. My language tends to get quite vulgar and I consciously reign it in, but if back in my hometown among my extremely multi ethnic set that and worse just roll right off my tongue without even the slightest trace of the malice that most would take it as.
Take from this what you will I guess.
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