Author Topic: proposal that the facebook has the option of using the Discordian calendar.  (Read 2359 times)


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proposal that the facebook has the option of using the Discordian calendar instead of the Gregorian.

propuesta para que el facebook tenga la opcion de usar el calendario discordiano en lugar del gregoriano.

hola, en primer lugar quiero pedirles que me disculpen por la precariedad de mi ingles xD.

ahora a lo que hiba. lo que pretendo es que el facebook posea una opcion para que las fechas esten en nuestro calendario, lo cual no deberia ser muy dificil de realizar.

yo soy creador de un movimiento en el facebook para promocionar el discordianismo en latinoamerica, y agradeceria que le den un like a mi pagina para que comienze a ser mas popular. linkeo en el final xD

sin mas preambulo, dejo el link para firmar la propuesta para que facebook posea esta opcion.

Hello, first I want to ask them to forgive me for my English precarious xD.

Now what was going. what I mean is that facebook holds an option for the dates are on our calendar, which should not be very difficult to perform.

I am the creator of a movement to promote facebook Discordianism in Latin America, and appreciate that given a like my page for it starts to become more popular. 'm just linking in the final xD

without further ado, here is a link to sign the proposal that facebook has this option.


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You are doing the Lady's work. I will gladly sign your petition.
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Definitely signed


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i meant 11:30 {sorry
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-><- Signed. -><-
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Aaand... signed.
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