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Re: Links for the masses
« Reply #15 on: March 06, 2015, 10:09:56 pm »
Now I understand "we are all Charlie" I think. "Je suise Charlie" on the cover was a parody of the "we are all al-nusra" protest mentioned. Say whatever of the French, they know how to bite!

Not really.  Al-Nusrah had nothing to do with the attack, and such comments are almost 3 years old now.  While it is an Al-Qaeda affiliate, AQ in Yemen is the guilty party on this occasion.

Is "we are all..." a common form of phrasing then? I gotta say I knew it was a reach, but the 'we are all Charlie" response kind of never made sense to me.
Never went looking specifically for an answer either.
Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists because they printed something offensive to some Muslims.
They are declaring their loyalty to freedom of speech by saying they are Charlie Hebdo.
What part don't you understand?

Those things I get. I just thought there was a satirical, or at least sarcastic, edge to the thing. That's all.
Ah. No, sorry to disappoint.
It's pretty straight forward afaik.

Just going to adjust my irony sniffer a bit. It's allah good.
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