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Re: The Assault on Christmas
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The Assault on Christmas: notes on OBSsec

So I figure that it's best for me to just start putting as much of the matériel for this story out as possible given that I've been hung up on exactly how to further the plot for just over a year now and have no idea how much of what's in my head might fit with the parts of the mythology here that I hope to integrate.

Specifically I hope to just get out some of my thoughts on a mutation of  HIMEOBS that I call OBSsec from within the OIC perspective. In OIC and many other bodies of TheSG OBSsec is a bit of an in joke about an agency that was intended to guard against alien invasion that entirely disappeared around 1980. Officially there has never been an OBSsec. There are no documents to be found. It never existed. This is because even the acronym HIMEOBS is unknown to anyone on the outside, no matter HOW deep, that knows what's good for them. If any outsider still knows the correct pronunciation they sure as HELL keep it off their lips.

The Truth is known only to those that were a part of it. Every last one of them still alive would surely rather forget the horrors that they faced, and still must in some cases bear burdens from. The Kookmen Invasions. The Return of The Colour. The final desperate days of The Nessie Purgation Actions. These things all never happened, because even dreaming of them cannot be allowed in the general population of the world.

Much was sacrificed to ensure this. Much more stands to be lost if the world ever came to know that the only certifiably extraterrestrial life ever contacted by humanity so far had been nothing but parasitic horrors beyond the pale and the dark shadows of a dead "God" machine from long before the Earth held vertibrate life, or if they discover how very close the world came to becoming worm-thralls or raw materials for twisted abominations of both biology and subatomic configuration. If not for the wisdom and will of the God-Emperor NortonIII and the great sacrifices of the officers and assets who held the world's fate at bay in the shadows there would be no world left at all.

Tbc when I can...
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