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Right, so today weíre going to talk about pasta...of the evening.  Thatís rightóPASTA PUTTANESCA!  Itís fast!  Itís cheap!  Itís easy!  Itís boozy!  Itís comforting after a shitty goddamn day!  Letís all gather round and make some goddamn pasta puttanesca.

To begin with, find a mortar and pestle.  Or a cutting board and a meat tenderizer.  Also find some ingredientsógarlic, cherry tomatoes, anchovies (YES GODDAMMIT!), olives, and capers.  Stick a heavy skillet on very low heat and give it a few serious glugs of olive oil.  Peel the garlic, drop it into your mortar, and start smashing.  Crush it real good, like itís responsible for all of the bad things that happen to you.  Then throw it in the olive oil and let it sit.  Cut the tomatoes in half and throw them in with the garlic.  Then smash the rest of the ingredients and add them to the party.  Turn up the heat until the liquid pooling in the bottom of the pan starts to simmer angrily, then toss in some FUCKINí GHOST CHILIES!  Or some red pepper flakes.  Yíknow.  Thatís okay too, I guess.  Leave it at a low simmer until the tomatoes are mostly broken down and the pan is basically saucy.  The anchovies will melt and magically make everything justÖbetter.  But not fishy.  Itís a mystery.  Deglaze the pan with a healthy pour of wine.  Let it simmer down again.
Drain the pasta that Iím sure has just finished cooking to be a little underdone.  I like spaghetti.  Find what you like.  Throw it in the sauce, tear up some fresh basil, and mix it all together.  Let the pasta finish cooking in the sauce.  Mix it up again, dump onto a plate, top with more fresh basil and grated cheese and serve with crusty garlic bread and the rest of the wine.
Note: My audience for this meal has suggested that even though she ďdoesnít like shrimp,Ē shrimp would go well with this.  This will be an entry in the future because that can only end well for me.

I was hearing this in the style of a BRAWNDO commericial.
If someone does the ďFine, youíre right, Iím clearly a terrible person, Iím Satan, Iím the worst person alive, I should just dieĒ thing in response to criticism of their harmful behavior, they are trying to manipulate people and flip the situation around so that they look like a victim.

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