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Ladies of Discord pdf


Q. G. Pennyworth:
Some editorial comments and asides from Holy Nonsense, gathered here for your amusement. This is a multipurpose pdf. You can print it out as a booklet (duplex, flip on short side) OR you can print it single sided, and cut in half for postering.

This rocks ass.  :mittens:

Vanadium Gryllz:
Agreed. These are great.

I am super excited for Holy Nonsense.

Really enjoying seeing these come to life!

Q. G. Pennyworth:
Some of these have gone up on lampposts already, I'll see about getting pictures when I can.

The Greater Boston Area Legion of Dynamic Discord page has a couple images of other postering that some terrible person who isn't me has been up to, if folks are interested in that kind of thing.


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