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ITT I drink, and I write things.
« on: December 23, 2017, 07:08:28 am »
So it's a wee bit before Christmas and I'm with my beloved, disagreeable family. I love them dearly, but have in two days become tired of the crap. They all lean "right" to some degree politically and culturally and I count myself  left-moderate because I give a shite about human rights. They do too, but ask thwm WHICH humans and the shitshow proceeds as it does in uncountable homes across our fine United States and around the world for millions this season. I'm never going to be able to stop loving them, but the disagreement can dampen the brightest holiday candle of Joy. So I don't bring it up. I NEED my family and their support, love, and perspective like a fish needs water or a drunk his drink. The "holidays" are a heady brew indeed.

I've no intention or interest in bringing up the specifics of exactly HOW and over WHAT we disagree here, but it's enough to drive me to drink and vomit forth a few words here and resolve to continue the practice in a controlled manber as I am able. Not all of it will be belly aching, but The Sauce disinhibits me enough that insight and complaints alike pour forth in profusion. My true willing intent here is to see what comes of it if I keep up the practice over time. Right now it's complaint, but not without a certain contentment with the paradox of loving those that say, fucking believe, what I hate and pity, even as I draw strength from being with them as my beloved family.

Soon we will be engaged inour gifting rituals of "dirty Santa" wherein a gift is chosen by each in the range of $20-30 and placed in a pile to be chosen by lots who chooses one first. They can be stolen by others and it's great fun. I got a nice space heater this time and I suspect it will be in high demand. This game and much excellent food and love best describes my forthcoming Christmas experience.

 That and I voluntarily intend to go to Church on Sunday to be with my Father because he will like it and I may not have another chance for all I know. His health is waning at 68 years of age and a bypass and cancer in remission. I want to hear him sing, to sing with him, of the Lord he has dedicated his simple life to so effectively. By effective I mean that his love is expressed to people through his beliefs most effectively and he has changed lives by being who he is and believing what he believes. I can only honor this because it is good.

Whatever this season brings to us I can only hope that it's as fine season of rest and love as it may be. Soon enough there will be Strife in plenty,  but for now She rests and is filled with the love of the people that remember Her name. When this restive season ends hold onto your arse friends. For once the gifts are given, food et, and drinks wear off the Hard Times will be in full effect once more. For now be you content and reach out to someone in love who needs it and so refresh your soul for the next thing coming down the chimney after Christmas. It's going to be hard, but the best is yet to come. So too the worst, but whatever. Happy Holidays folks. I wish you the best and a victorious New Year!!
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