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Apple Talk / Re: Consumer Identity
« Last post by Faust on Yesterday at 10:29:12 am »
It's disingenuous, and it's profit driven, but it is still a positive act.

Advertising isn't going away, and the most insidious part of it is that it will constantly alter itself to move past our defenses. Our responsibility is, as always, to view it skeptically, but when it's a good message like this one, the response should encourage more of the same. I don't think a Gillette commercial is going to make a bystander become active, but it can start to normalize the idea.

The other perspective for this trend is that activists are starting to recognize corporations as powerful tools in their fight. Wasn't it a Parkland survivor that got a bunch of sponsors pulled from Laura Ingraham's (sp?) show? We're recognizing that these entities have disproportionate power, but that they still do have to answer to consumers. I'm a little worried about the weaponization of such tactics, similar to how social media has become an influence peddling game for malevolent actors.

I'm actually going to buy some Gillette razors though, because the ones I bought to replace my last ones are chewing enormous chunks out of my face.
It has the positive aspect of legitimising and normalising good causes that's true and as long as they are doing that, that outlook should be supported. They are mercurial though and if the popular message of the day was something negative, they wear that mask too.

As long as the skepticism is there understanding the context that the good message goes hand in hand with an industry responsible for one of the most dangerous and cynical forms of social control. I don't trust them, and I don't think I ever will.

But that said I suppose if they can change on a whim we can too, as long as they support positive social change, that's ok, and when they don't then we dont need to support them any longer.
Apple Talk / Re: Consumer Identity
« Last post by Pergamos on Yesterday at 08:34:50 am »
I liked it.  I felt like it was exactly like CNO said, basically asking men not to be jerks.  The fact that is controversial is absurd, but if a few men decide not to be jerks because of it, that's good.
Well, another SPIDERS thread binge-read...
The start was slower than the first, and between the salt and the waffling, it only really picked up towards the end, and at key points, like the creation of The Machine™. That said, I loved the postcards/telegram/collect call/DMV fluff. Nice bits of storytelling to break up the bluffs and bamboozlement. Also, LMNO goofed on the Bus Number again.
Round 3 start, page 28
15/2 = 7.5
7.5 + 1 = 8.5
8.5 rounded up = 9
9 =/= 8

Should I be responding to such an old thread I wasn't even part of? Probably not. Oh well.  :lulz:
Apple Talk / Re: Consumer Identity
« Last post by chaotic neutral observer on Yesterday at 04:28:40 am »
I watched the video, and was somewhat disappointed.  Based on the intensity of the reactions, I figured it was going to be something a bit more accusatory, controversial, or "SJWish".  But really, all that it said was, "hey guys, don't be jerks."  It's hard for me to see anyone taking offense at that.  And yet, the like:dislike ratio is almost 1:2 on youtube. :roll:

In any case, this is not going to affect my purchase of said company's products, positively or negatively. The video had nothing to say about their razors, and I am strongly disinclined to judge a company or their products by the actions of their marketing weasels.
Apple Talk / Re: Consumer Identity
« Last post by rong on Yesterday at 03:10:39 am »
dollar shave club is a superior razor though.  and the shave butter is amazing.
Apple Talk / Re: The Compleat Billy Chronicles (thanks to Zenpatista)
« Last post by Doktor Howl on Yesterday at 12:26:34 am »
More year end hijinks

Me:  "Annnnnd the financials are done."

Jeff:  "NOPE."

Me: "What?"

Jeff:  "You got ahead of me, and you have to eat another $25K in labor and $4K in accrued vacation."

Me:  "How do these bastards even get vacation?"

Jeff:  "You don't think people should get vacation?"

Me:  "Sure, but some other time."

Billy:  "He and I worked 17 hour days for days on end and he offered to feed me dead rats when I complained."

Me:  "So I gotta eat $29K MORE?"

Jeff:  "Yep.  This is all normal."  *walks out of room*

Me:  *slumps down on chair*

Billy:  "What do you know?  Even the Doktor can get stuck in the clockwork like everyone else."

Me:  "I am defeated.  My budget is garbage and the coffee is shit and the drugs do nothing."

Billy:  "Cheer up.  We still have the weekend to redo everything we spent the last 17 days doing."

Me:  "You're turning into me, you know."

Billy:  *stares at me for 2 seconds too long* 

Me:  "Don't you fucking say it."

Billy:  "This is all normal, Dok."
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Drinks are on the Supreme Court
« Last post by Cain on Yesterday at 12:20:01 am »
They're now trying to be as noisy as possible without waking the neighbours.  Aw, that's cute.  Too bad I'm taking a day off tomorrow.
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Drinks are on the Supreme Court
« Last post by Cain on Yesterday at 12:13:05 am »
Sorry to hear about Knuckles, Dok.

I'm moving.  Again.  Hopefully on Saturday, if I can find a removalist willing to come within 24 hours.  Which I probably will do, this is London.  Anyway, it will get me away from the asshole brigade here, who kindly informed me I was disrespecting them by complaining about being woken up at 1am in the morning, when I go to work at 6am.

I'm sure you can imagine my response.

Another thing occurs to me, regarding my new position.  Not that I would ever abuse it, but a) I know the best type of legal firm in this city for every single sector and b) every lawyer in this, and every other city, wants to be my best friend because not only can I influence their ratings, I can tell them about their rivals.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Ominous Fortune Cookie
« Last post by Al Qədic on January 17, 2019, 11:05:08 pm »
If you hunger for enlightenment, try an ice cream koan.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Very Short Stories (3 sentences)
« Last post by Al Qədic on January 17, 2019, 11:02:53 pm »
Peleus, Thetis.
You are wed.
Hey...what's with the apple?
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