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Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« Last post by Prelate Diogenes Shandor on Today at 05:48:18 pm »
I'd like to reiterate my desire to someday make a superhero movie that simultaneously:
1.) Violates every single item of the comics code
2.) Violates every single item of the Hays code
3.) Depicts Muhammed
Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Reality Safari: Gurdjieff
« Last post by Cramulus on Today at 04:24:47 pm »
 :lol: sorry I am still having trouble parsing what you're asking?

Bring and Brag / Overweening Generalist
« Last post by Bobby Campbell on Today at 03:40:18 pm »

The OG Blog, even after over a year of hiatus, remains very many streets ahead!
Apple Talk / Re: Hopeful but realistic ten-year scenarios
« Last post by P3nT4gR4m on Today at 01:35:52 pm »
AR visual overlays reach smartphone-ubiquity, as do realtime AI lie detector apps, forcing a fundamental shift in basic human psychology.

The nation-state model collapses completely, taking with it central government and fiat currency as the primary means of economic exchange. Reputation economy takes over.

IBM brings a fully functional 128 qbit quantum processor to market. Once of the first things scientists use it for is to totally disprove quantum theory but it gets stuck half way through the calculation.

             Rev. Dr. Hypocrates Magoun, P.P.
           POEE PRIEST, Okinawa Cabal

   When Hypoc was through meditating with St. Gulik, he went there into
the kitchen where he busied himself with preparing the feast and in his
endeavor, he found that there was some old tea in a pan left standing from the
night before, when he had in his weakness forgot about its making and had let
it sit steeping for 24 hours. It was dark and murky and it was Hypoc's
intention to use this old tea by diluting it with water. And again in his
weakness, chose without further consideration and plunged into the physical
labor of the preparations. It was then when deeply immersed in the pleasure of
that trip, he had a sudden loud clear voice in his head saying "it is bitter
tea that involves you so." Hypoc heard the voice, but the struggle inside
intensified, and the pattern, previously established with the physical laboring
and the muscle messages coordinated and unified or perhaps coded, continued to
exert their influence and Hypoc succummed to the pressure and he denied the
   And again he plunged into the physical orgy and completed the task, and
Lo as the voice had predicted, the tea was bitter.

            "The Five Laws have root in awareness."
               --Che Fung (Ezra Pound, Canto 85)

The Hell Law says that Hell is reserved exclusively for them that believe in
it. Further, the lowest Rung in Hell is reserved for them that believe in it on
the supposition that they'll go there if they don't.
     HBT; The Gospel According to Fred, 3:1
Aneristic Illusions / Discordian Politics!
« Last post by St Accelerated Evolution on Today at 07:01:58 am »
We have no:

up, left, down, right, forwards, backwards, 360, 180, 90

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Reality Safari: Gurdjieff
« Last post by LuciferX on Today at 03:16:18 am »
Me too. It was late. I suppose I was fishing for Gurdjieff's stance on the "question" of the immortal thingie. I don't really know his work at all; still I figured he'd be one that understood the value of the question to be above any teaching of its answer. Beyond the anxiety that riddles my monkey when having to parse such questions, I do find myself in fear of derailing the thread (a general condition of mine). I did like distinction offered between selves personal and essential, though I perdure in being unable to suffer the semantics of essence(s) over experience. This clarification is more considered than I thought it would be (not ever intending disrespect, just crazy stressed by various monkey business things that "essentially" only allow me to concentrate for a moment when I can excuse myself)
[*Lu, having difficulty UN-depressing the irony button, starts bashing it with huge bags of empty fucks*]
High Weirdness / Re: Chicken grows face of dinosaur
« Last post by Doktor Howl on Today at 03:03:10 am »
Uh, you misunderstand me Dr. Howl.   I have no offer of a deal. You fascinate me. I could never agree to not interact with you. Is that a bannanable offense? You're the power-possesser here.

Nope.  The 6 things that get you banned were listed on registration.  It's not my fault if you sign things without reading them.
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Free Russian Orphans with Every Purchase
« Last post by Trivial on Today at 12:40:21 am »
In less ANGER news, I have lost around 20 pounds, and almost everything with starch in it tastes sweet to me.

Man, bread must be like cake.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: UK General Election 8th June: Shake it all about?
« Last post by Cain on Yesterday at 11:20:30 pm »
Keep an eye on this.  If there's no local authority or Parliamentary intervention on this, expect it to be done elsewhere

Residents of a privately-owned London tower block with the same cladding as Grenfell Tower may be forced to pay up to 2m for replacement panels.

Citiscape in Croydon was one of 228 buildings across the country to fail fire safety tests set up in the wake of the disaster which claimed 71 lives.

With 95 flats affected, each household share could be between 13,300 and 31,300, to be paid in instalments.
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