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Principia Discussion / Me and my questions
« on: November 22, 2014, 08:31:04 pm »
Hi everyone

There seem to be a lot of introduction topics around and I have no idea how this all works. I just joined today, so I'll just start my own.
I'm currently the only member of the Emerald Kangaroo Cabal (which I guess makes me the Episkopos).
I've been really interested in Discordianism for some time, I've read the PD and the BIP but there are some things that I can't quite grasp.
I understand that this is in the nature of Discordianism but I have some questions anyway.
Maybe somebody can help me.
  • Is Discordianism still that drug-centered? Do you have to be a pothead to qualify as a Disordian?
  • Do Discordians still follow the Principia Discordia? There seem to have been some side remarks in BIP - Common Walls.
  • Do Discordians still worship Eris as a goddess? Do they worship Eris as a personification of Chaos?
I hope someone here can help me and look forward to becoming a true Discordian.

Outis So-Tsi Trismegistos The Doubtful

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