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Ten years from now:

Trump is dead
Windows™ is bankrupt
Google and the CIA are now publicly known to be in on a massive worldwide scandal (and under severe investigation)
Conspiracy Theorists have taken over the white house and are taking the president of the time hostage
Anonymous opens a new bank branch

To be fair, a large majority of "Christians" are just "Jesusists" - aka ignoring most of the Bibles doctrines for a very basic identification with the hero archetype and the heaven ideal + turning up at church every Sunday to pretend to be more into their religion then they actually are

Back with Christianity origins - it was pretty much like:

"Ok lets steal the Jewish scriptures and ignore everything except for what is relevant to the Jesus narrative we are trying to put together"
Apple Talk / Re: Hopeful but realistic ten-year scenarios
« Last post by Doktor Howl on Today at 01:33:18 am »
Arpeio is about 45 miles from me.  I still advocate the use of nuclear weapons against him.

I sympathise. He seems extremely... unsavoury. When you get one, if they do package deals, could you get one for our beloved leadership Orbán, too?

Get your own.  I'm using all of them on Maricopa County.
Bring and Brag / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
« Last post by St Accelerated Evolution on Today at 12:55:55 am »
This thread is perhaps the best I've ever seen, so good!  :aaa:
"Christianism" and "Satanity", is how I like to refer to it.

Seeing how true Satanism IS Christianity, it's amusing how atheists who are still pissed about their Christian upbringing, claim to be "Satanists" to fuck with people.
Yeah, they took the Tanakh, added some books and repackaged it as the "old" testament with new added meanings/interpretations.
Bring and Brag / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
« Last post by Bobby Campbell on Yesterday at 05:30:51 pm »
what's that subtle symbol in the hawk's wake?

it evokes ankh

it evokes a fractal

it evokes a caduceus

In the moment it was just mindless patterning, so as to use motion lines to make the sky texture less boring, but now that you mention it I see an old sigil I used to use in the early 2000's, in a kind of fractal form.

It was meant to represent the "octave of energy" so there's a combo of 8, ∞, and the DNA double helix.

Did you ever run into the Bubblefish / OS 012 meme back in the day?

It was this 3 valued logic system that this guy would take to every bbs imaginable and pester the hell out of everyone with it. He was RAW, Leary, McKenna, and Fuller influenced, so I can imagine him ending up here at some point.

I engaged w/ him on deoxy and ended up having fun with it, so I modified the octave sigil to go with the OS012 meme, like so:

(Be careful w/ that meme, it's an antique!)

Bring and Brag / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
« Last post by Cramulus on Yesterday at 04:19:58 pm »
what's that subtle symbol in the hawk's wake?

it evokes ankh

it evokes a fractal

it evokes a caduceus
Apple Talk / Re: Help me get banned! Win prizes!
« Last post by Cramulus on Yesterday at 04:17:11 pm »
The forum is a mirror

but not like how the Principia is a mirror

the forum is more like one of those mirrors you put in a bird cage so the bird thinks she's socializing

except the bird is a bonobo
Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Theological Questions!
« Last post by Cramulus on Yesterday at 03:47:12 pm »
Is heaven just a method to get people to pull down their/zip up there - pants?  :eek:

The most cynical take on religion would say Heaven / Hell is just a motivational tool.

The old Hebrew word for Hell, Sheol, really refers to the shaded slope on the west side of the city of Jerusalem, where everyone threw their garbage. "When you die, you go to Sheol", in a literal sense means that if your life wasn't worth anything, we just throw you in the trash.

Does Yahweh like or hate hanging around with Eris?

she's like an internet troll on his forum

she loves the idea of the forum but she hates most of the mods & members

Is Christianism compatible with Santaism?

in a yin/yang sense

in the Jungian Shadow sense

compatible as in symbiotic

Is Paul (The so-called "apostle") the most successful cult leader of all time?

He's up there, but he was drinking from the Old Egyptian punch bowl.

Arguably the most successful cult leader was the dude who originally converted Paul.

The early apostles had an idea - they wanted to capture some of the real powerful ancient ideas from Pre-Sand Egypt. Christian ceremonies were not invented by these old patriarchs, they were borrowed from an older (non-jewish) form. They retold the Mithras/Horus/etc stories as current events so that people wouldn't get hung up on the other egyptian baggage. Paul et al cut out the dances and physical movements in Egyptian ceremonies, repackaged the concepts as something new, called it Christianity.

So the root question is - who converted Paul?

I wrote a new Bible book, where can I submit it?

Did the pink laser hit you in the third eye?

Was the book written using your Pineal Gland?

If not, submit it to the fuckin trash

and if it was divinely inspired & written with your pineal gland, submit it to the fuckin trash harder
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