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Maybe she didn't want another black eye.

She wears bigger glasses than Patricia Nixon did, and always has long sleeves on. Just putting that out there.

Weird as it may sound, it's been working for 31 years.

ETA:  The penalty for blowing off the hearing or defeating the electronic monitoring is a lengthy ban on getting a VISA, and deportation.

Given that, most people show up.

How does a 20 day limit work. Say for example their parents get sucked into a two year long case, when 20 days are up do they just dump them on the other side of the Rio grande?

No, they release them ROR with an electronic monitor on the adults, and they show up when their court date arrives.

Things I said at work today:

"We do not hold chlorine tablets in our teeth while we work.  Why do I even have to say this?"

"There are no rats in the admin building.  We killed them all.  You have ghost rats."

"I don't worry about budgets, which is why my numbers are in the black.  You do everything on the cheap, which means you have to do it twice, which is why it's only June and you have no money.  So no, you can't have any of my money, because you obviously can't be trusted to spend it fast enough.  Now get out of my office, you penurious little mendicant, you're lowering my property values."

"No, boss, I won't be reasonable about this.  He's far too fiscally-responsible for me to feel charitable.  Now, if he'd blown his budget on new ranges or fryers or maybe some proper Goddamn air conditioning for his kitchen staff, I'd be willing to give up some of my capital expenditures budget, but he didn't...So he can just go ask Baby Jesus for more money.  Or the board.  He's probably better off with Jesus, because the board is pissed off just on account of the weather."

"The world of accounting is terrible and mysterious, Kevin, and it sometimes makes people cry."

This could be an interesting turning point.  This site (and forum) is no stranger to pointing out when a sitting official does something stupid, or when a governing body gets it wrong.

The Obama administration was criticized on this site, and by major media, about their immigration policies, drone strikes, prosecution of whistleblowers, and more.

Oddly Unsurprisingly, people looking to defend Trump forget this. 

And now, the Trump people have shifted their focus somewhat; rather than spend their time rolling back Obama-era regulations, they're jacking up old policies that restrict freedoms, spiking them with additional vitriol and xenophobia, and then saying, "but Your God Obama did the same thing."

It's incredibly tiresome to remind all of them that there was plenty of criticism about those measures, and regardless, immorality by one administration does not make it moral for the next one.

What's REALLY awesome is that they are more or less saying "WE'RE DOING EVIL THINGS AND WE KNOW IT" which is why they offer the justification of "THE LAST GUY DID IT", even if - especially if - it's a complete crock.

Or it could just be the Chinese food yesterday.

I could see late-evening Chinese giving you a high result, but not two different results.

Also, blood sugar does most of it's horrible damage while you're sleeping, because you are doing nothing to burn it up...And unlike normal primates, our systems don't just handle it.

So it's worth mentioning that I rarely eat after 7:30 PM.  125 isn't terrible for daytime, but it's lousy for sleeping hours.

More "It's an Obama policy" lies:

A deputy press secretary for the Department of the Interior, Faith Vander Voort, wrote in an email that “the characterization that there is any new policy or that it for some reason targets scientists is completely false.” She said the Department of the Interior’s communications office “simply asked” the USGS public affairs office to follow media guidelines published in 2012 during the Obama administration. Vander Voort did not answer a question as to what prompted the change in media protocol.

The 10-page media manual says that the Department of the Interior’s communications office “must be notified” ahead of media interviews that “may generate significant news coverage, public interest or inquiry.” The manual, however, does not say that agency employees must get clearance or approval before responding to a reporter.

1. I had dinner later than usual, around 8ish.
2. *Shrugs* seems like it usually works for me. Keep in mind I weigh more than most people.
3. I generally test on whichever finger feels less sensitive than the others.

I'd be willing to chalk this up to bad diet, except there was a another thing last week where I woke up and tested at 57 despite feeling completely normal, and then retested at like, 97. So I'm wondering if my testing equipment is just off. I haven't had the solution to test this vial of test strips, so it's possible that my data for the last few weeks is inaccurate

Are you using C25 strips?

And I have had bad batches of strips, but they tend to consistently test high or low.  It's also possible that the testing computer itself is fucked.

Bring and Brag / Re: QGP Arts Megathread - Marginalia
« on: Yesterday at 05:47:21 pm »
Did you see the big gloomy version on Patreon?

No, I don't have access to that here.

Okay, starting to wonder if my blood sugar is fucked up or maybe it's just my strips. Woke up, blood tested at 124, tested again to be sure, it shot up to, maybe I'm just way too stressed about the whole baby gulags thing, but fuck there's no way that's accurate. Took two metformin just in case.

A few things:

1.  What time did you last eat (last night, presumably, but when precisely)?
2.  Two metformin isn't a thing.  It's not insulin.
3.  Are you constantly testing yourself on the same finger?

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