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Bring and Brag / Re: P3nT's Shoops
« Last post by Bobby Campbell on Today at 04:44:59 am »
God damn! That design is astounding!  :fnord: :eek: :fnord:

Great to see ya, P3nT!
« Last post by Bobby Campbell on Today at 04:39:26 am »
Or Kill Me / Re: He Was
« Last post by Q. G. Pennyworth on Today at 01:09:10 am »
There's more of this but I don't know how relevant it is to anyone's interests. PM me if you wanna see the google doc I'm dumping shit in.
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Drinks are on the Supreme Court
« Last post by Con-troll on Yesterday at 10:14:35 pm »
Is it healthy to try to make sense of the lyrics?
Or Kill Me / Re: Your audience doesn't care
« Last post by Con-troll on Yesterday at 10:07:40 pm »
The best ways to get audience to care is something like letting the mic feedback for a minute or threatening their life by throwing live grenades at them. Also nudity, although it has lost it's power due the actionsd of the damn liberals :argh!:.

All and all, trying to get people to care about anything qith little or no importance to theiur lifes is always destructive. That care ia taken from theiur families and loved onesd.
Or Kill Me / Re: Your audience doesn't care
« Last post by The Johnny on Yesterday at 09:35:43 pm »

Something that I omitted from my OP was that i got inspired to write this based on two things: forum posting and my book.

-In a purely mental draft i thought of, i was thinking of how everything we write in a forum is talking about ourselves in one way or another, a very narcissistic activity... and how in a sense nobody cares about us and what we say, not that they should mind you... and how if we want to earn attention, we put enough effort to our words, to earn that attention... but in that process, our original and baseline "ME ME ME" gets transformed into something greater, even if it doesnt appear to be about ourselves anymore, deep down it is... something among the lines of transmuting our self centered brain turds into something of value... thats kind of why the OP has references to narcissistic gratification even if the original draft got scrapped.

-And like creating an academic book is kind of weird and thats my personal position regarding creation... in this case its not about the joy of reading or writing, because the kind of texts i have to tackle its like pulling fucking teeth alongside with the citations, formatting and making it comprehensible its kind of a weird compulsion of forced labour if i might say so. So why write it? Because its an argumentative critique that i cant leave unsaid and have a clean conscience... and i mean, even tho the process is arduous work and theres no joy, it does bring me some peace because thru that work the thoughts get structured and well defined, like an ideological cleaning and sorting exersice within my own mind... and why publish it eventually? I mean, an argument and a critique is a message after all, so if a message is to be known it has to be published after all.

Perhaps im a very bitter person, and i can strive to someday create out of joy.
Or Kill Me / Re: Your audience doesn't care
« Last post by nullified on Yesterday at 09:13:59 pm »

Is it not possible to /have both/? Can you not take enjoyment in the art of that /in-between/ space, balancing your wants with an audienceís? If you pull it off masterfully, is that not art itself?

Why is ďproviding a serviceĒ contrasted with ďmaking artĒ, when the service itself can be considered art?

Obvious answer: nothing new is happening, itís safe, pandering to a crowd.

But me, I donít like rejecting something being art simply because itís been done before. If thatís the case, the last art I know of in any medium was in 2011, if you have a very strict definition of ďbeen done beforeĒ. If you have a much looser definition, itís all been exactly the fucking same since prehistory.

Fuck that. Entertainment can be art. Repetition can be art, fuck, thatís the point of techno /and/ a whole new wave of avant-death metal, listen to Legion of Andromeda for Christís sake. Art just has to mean /something/ to /someone/ in my opinion. Thatís it, thatís the bar. Put a piece of dogshit on a plate, if it tweaks someone somewhere the right way and starts some fire inside them, who the /fuck/ is anyone to say that isnít art?

We see, in snobbypants art circles, talk about ďfound artĒ and ďnatural artĒ. A photographer does nothing but put their iPhone up to a fern unrolling and they nearly drop the phone and take the picture from trying to catch it. Something happens and it ends up a weird vertical smear of background warping into this spiral fern. ďAh, such majesty!Ē say rich white people who want to feel somehow superior to everyone else.

The art there is a bunch of shit this human barely even impacted save to put it out into the world. If that can be art (and I think it can) then anything, anywhere, anytime, can be art. Something can become art later on after ages of having a non-art nature.

The line between art and entertainment is imaginary, and the line between regular art and fine art is even less than imaginary: itís stupidity. Two people can do identical things, but somehow the first one was a moron and the second one is a genius. Fine art is a function of how good you are at bullshitting explanations on the fly, and how well known you are to art snobs. Thatís it. It has nothing to do with the art itself.

And if you are making something, itís art if youíre putting yourself into it, if youíre getting that catharsis, whether you play to an audience or not. If you made it and you felt more than you would stamping out license plates, itís art. Itís yours. Feel proud.

Thatís my take.
Or Kill Me / Re: Your audience doesn't care
« Last post by The Johnny on Yesterday at 08:46:28 pm »
I've learned that the audience doesn't know what it wants until it has it.
This. Not only will audiences deride good ideas, but they'll actively clamor for bad ones. This is a sentiment that one of my favorite YouTubers holds; she used to be part of the Brony analysis community, back when the show was just teetering on the edge of disaster and the fan base at large seemed decently sensible. Then she noticed a trend in the show's writing that was developing. They were playing to the wishes of the Brony community. Not the actual little-girl target audience...the grown adults who, all other crude MLP jokes aside, don't have a bone in their body for showunning or writing.

We got episodes centering around tertiary characters who didn't need that kind of development.

The fans wanted more screen time for a princess; we get an episode that, whoopsie-daisy, mangled its message about self harm and depression.

Fans wanted more emphasis on lore over actual shit happening, so we get arcs of random important wizards coming almost out of nowhere and their magical artifacts that serve as little more than plot McGuffins.

The 100th episode of the show was a slice of life about all the background characters.

Points for trying, guys, but that shit isn't what makes a show worth watching.

And then they redeemed a crazy dictator and made her into a Good Personô again, but sent a little foal to Hell. And it's been downhill from there. :lulz:

Thats sort of what nauseates me, it transitions from the terrain of creative writing/drawing to the terrain of product engineering guided by focus groups (which the fans play the part of).
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Drinks are on the Supreme Court
« Last post by nullified on Yesterday at 08:44:31 pm »
If anyone likes death metal, I was shown something interesting. Mostly of interest to fans of 90s brutal death, tech death, and early slam, or people interested in this early stage of weak pseudo-AI replacing humans in the making of art.

As an actual band, itís overly chaotic trash, combining the worst attributes of slam death, high schoolers trying to be Demilich, and early Kataklysm. As something generated from here to eternity by a neural network, itís quite interesting.
Or Kill Me / Re: Your audience doesn't care
« Last post by The Johnny on Yesterday at 08:43:06 pm »

Everyone has a different take from their respective field of creation (that is ok, im just pointing it out)... that being said im an academic creator.

You speak of the joy in itself of playing music, and if that is the sole purpose of doing it, then why share it... perhaps its not fundamentally about the money since in this scenario that wasnt a problem... but the thing is, profiting from something you didnt even need to profit from opens up a realm of possibilities, like being able to budget doing more things or possibly even to create as a full time job.

I mean, sure, we all seek, i dont know if approval, but acknowledgement? But solely seeking approval is a bit of a slippery slope where one can forget what they felt the need to create and devolve to creating what they think others want.
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