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Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« Last post by LuciferX on Today at 01:03:43 am »
Cartoon Episode - "For a few more degrees":
F3I investigation into collusion with Russia uncovers three fold plan behind election tampering. Getting POTUS to disintegrate EPA allows for accerated global warming, 1) releasing more greenhouse methane 2) captured for fuel under auspices of remediation, 3) powering crypto-mining rigs, that finance shipping fleets through newly opened arctic trade routes and repopulated Siberian territory. Discourse occurs through dioramas at museum of future history in Paradise, formerly El Passo, Texas.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread
« Last post by Brother Mythos on Yesterday at 10:58:23 pm »
“MSNBC guest exposes reasons behind ‘goddess of disruption’ Kellyanne Conway’s CNN lie-fest on Cohen”

Here’s the link:

If Kellyanne Conway is an avatar of Eris, the Trump ‘Administration’ is starting to make sense to me, other than ‘Tax cuts for the wealthy are worth treason,’ of course.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Math 2014-2016
« Last post by Doktor Howl on Yesterday at 09:58:05 pm »
HIRLEY0!  How are you doing?
Literate Chaotic / Re: Bad Bed Bug
« Last post by hirley0 on Yesterday at 07:30:41 pm »
 Author Topic: Bad Bed Bug  (Read 1218 times)  2018 April 22  11:30AM McLiB

20161106 It is my opinion ?
that THEY materialize
like star ship enterprise
beam them THERE
My cell PH1 this morning at 7
was still on PDT and did not change untill later
not sure when

prior 2 10

anyWAY i credit the cell with knowing where to
deposit BB's

ANY comment?
Literate Chaotic / Re: Math 2014-2016
« Last post by hirley0 on Yesterday at 07:26:18 pm »
In April '18 I did try IN THE MORNING hOURs
to find Council I went first to Find 1
I was told there he had moved to Standard Building
B4 i left 6th i did a law search There  3 floor 3 offices per floor
they were just empty LARGE room with 1 gal behind a desk
by noon i had gone to 3 buildings { Standard = #2 }
3 floors in each & 3 rooms on each floor  { 27 rooms }
They were all in the SAME STATE  1 gal {/ Very large Room
but no councel in any { UNderstand ?/?  11:26 McLiB
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Free Russian Orphans with Every Purchase
« Last post by LuciferX on Yesterday at 11:14:28 am »
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Free Russian Orphans with Every Purchase
« Last post by Cain on April 21, 2018, 10:47:11 pm »
So, it turns out the penalty for breaking and entering into someone's flat is...a written warning.

At least it is apparently the case...I don't know because no-one has actually officially told me.  I had to rely on my co-worker to pass on the gossip.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: UK General Election 8th June: Shake it all about?
« Last post by Doktor Howl on April 21, 2018, 08:28:38 pm »
 :lulz: :horrormirth: :lulz:
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Free Russian Orphans with Every Purchase
« Last post by hirley0 on April 21, 2018, 07:01:09 pm »

Your Honor, defense proffers that the District Attorney presents itself as the "Doctor of convenience" in evidence for discovery thereof.
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