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Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Reality Safari: Gurdjieff
« Last post by LuciferX on Today at 04:25:12 am »
In typical Gurdjieff fashion (ie absurd absolutist statements) he said "You should never praise children."

Statistically, this is the correct form of conditioning given how performance should be expected to decline after any 'exceptionally positive' incident worthy of praise.
Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Reality Safari: Gurdjieff
« Last post by LuciferX on Today at 04:10:05 am »

The future is not something into which we can see.
The future is that which allows me to to think 'I can',
In the first place

Aneristic Illusions / Re: UNLIMITED 20119 Bubble Thread
« Last post by Emo Howard on Yesterday at 11:42:13 am »


I've battened down the hatches as best I can with my two 401Ks. Something, something... CAPITAL PRESERVATION FUND in one of them, and like, bonds, and commercial mortgages or something in the other one. Basically, the lowest risk options offered in each plan.

"Guns 'N Beans Futures" were, surprisingly enough, not to be found anywhere on the list for either plan.
Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Reality Safari: Gurdjieff
« Last post by Frontside Back on Yesterday at 08:23:50 am »
I had a thought, probably due to reading these.

Free will is something that is exercised when you don't know what is the best choice.
With perfect knowledge human being could navigate through his life always taking the best,
most fulfilling option every time they're presented with choice.
Like how particles choose to follow straight path, because changing the course would lose energy
and therefore shorten their lifespan.

More we see into the future,
more we see the consequences of our actions,
more we are bound to follow the path of least resistance.

That's why science has felt sinister to me for a while.
It ends up abstracting people,
first as cells in the body of the machine,
then some chemistry that fuels the planetary consciousness,
weird particles that speed around the interplanetary space,
and some strange interaction between stars
until we ultimately fade out into the background noise.
Apple Talk / Re: The Compleat Billy Chronicles (thanks to Zenpatista)
« Last post by Doktor Howl on Yesterday at 05:28:49 am »
"I'll get to that right away.  First thing.  Top priority."

Then continue doing what you're doing.

This works surprisingly well.

Also, "I'll take that under advisement."
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Drinks are on the Supreme Court
« Last post by chaotic neutral observer on Yesterday at 05:06:51 am »
Yesterday, they posted notices on the employee entrance doors, with stock art balloons, and the caption "Something new is coming!"

Today, there was a new "Please swipe your badge" notice on the doors.  Semi-transparent, nicely lettered, cut-to-fit, and a definite improvement over the piece of paper they used to have stuck on there with tape.  It was also completely pointless, since you can't actually get in or out without your badge, because of the electromagnetic door locks.

If someone thought that new signage was worth getting excited about, I wonder how they would react to free doughnuts.
Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Drinks are on the Supreme Court
« Last post by chaotic neutral observer on Yesterday at 04:52:29 am »
Canada is collectively hitting the bong today. It’s THE LAW.

HR released a new policy, "F-1: Fit for Duty".  It blabbled on for a bit about addiction, mental illness, alcohol, cannabis, and responsibility, but the import was:

1.  Don't come to work high.
2.  If taking alcohol or drugs harms your job performance, you will face the Discipline Weasel.

I'd rather they had trimmed the verbiage a bit, because I think that the policy could be read as saying that one is not supposed to come to work under the effects of antidepressants*.  A pity.  The illusion of mental health was nice while it lasted.

*Or caffeine, for that matter.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: WTF Canada
« Last post by chaotic neutral observer on Yesterday at 04:44:52 am »

I expect this from Rep King.  I don't expect it from Toronto.

Dude, Canada is going full potato. Faith Goldy, according to our media, is a “fringe” candidate with no chance of winning... except she has the tacit approval of our province’s premiere, the esteemed less-interesting, and former hash dealer, Doug Ford.

There was a picture in the paper of Faith Goldy wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.  I can't rightly apprehend why a candidate for public office in Canada would think that wearing such a thing was anything other than a terrible idea.
Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« Last post by Rococo Modem Basilisk on Yesterday at 04:40:35 am »
The one aspect of spiritualist practice that's not a hoax is ectoplasmic emanations. A hundred years after the last recorded instance, a young woman once again learns to use telekinesis to form and animate figures made out of her own vaginal mucous -- figures that execute her suppressed desires during her increasingly-frequent bouts of somnambulism. After a mishap involving sleeping pills, she goes into a coma -- and the ectoplasmic figures must be hunted down & dispersed with flash lights.
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