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I'm going to try staying up all night and taking my meds in the evening today to prep myself for when I go in for the first time tomorrow night. I will likely be on this shift for the forseeable future. I think that getting into the pattern of sleeping right away when I get off shouldn't be too hard to do. The way the blinds are in my bedroom allows a LOT of light in. Going to have to find a way to adjust to that.

I'm in a mentality where failure is not an option. "I WILL adjust" is what I tell myself. This is an opportunity that I need in my life. I've spent so much time dependant on the system and the kindness of my family. It's been a humbling experience that I've grown from, but all I want is to get my independence back.

I'm told that the job is hot too. On its own not a big deal, but I'm out of shape and sweat like hell when I walk more than a mile or so. I'll have a bandanna to keep it out of my eyes, but I expect to be soaked when I get done each day until I adjust. It's going to be a hot, tiring, sleep deprived summer, but I'm feeling like I would work in hell itself if I could walk there every day. I don't have a vehicle anymore so the opportunity to work nearby for a decent wage is almost... Nah I will just outright call it a Godsend. I'm sure not going to take it for granted at any rate.
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Step 1 is especially important, for nightshift.  Related to that, keep regular sleep times.  Nothing will fuck you up as fast as playing around with your sleep pattern, before you know it, all your time off will be lost due to shitty sleep schedules, if you're not careful.

Take it from someone who is now in their 3rd year of night shift work.
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Long time reader, first time poster in this thread:

How do I play Fortnite? I downloaded it to my phone, and subsequently died in a rainstorm.
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God damn! That's a serious leveling up!  :fnord: :fnord: :fnord:
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Somebody said Buscemi. Thanks for that. Hardest sculpt I've ever done  :argh!:

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Hi, new person!
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How to get kicked off a Jordan Peterson board:

Step 1:
"Okay: Imagine it's a Saturday, and you are hugging your knees in the shower and crying, because you realized that the government is never actually going to provide a pussy ration. The radio, though is playing Morrissey - the crown prince of sad - and he tells you that deaf girls are terrible at warning people of disaster and that it sucks to be famous because your friends all hate you for having new shirts. So instead of cutting your wrists the long way, you instead get out of the shower and use EXTRA eyeliner because the world is full of bastards and you don't care.

And THAT, my friends, is postmodernism."

Step 2:
Elliot Rodgers was a lunatic.
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Yeah, but your guts won't.
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« Last post by The Wizard Joseph on May 26, 2018, 01:11:35 am »
I finally got myself decent employment today! I'll be working in a local bakery just a few blocks from where I live. It's through a staffing agency right now but after 3 months of good work they should hire me in.

It's been almost two years since I last held a real, well paying, full time job. It's third shift so I'm going to be doing A LOT of adjustment for the next few months, but I'm finally getting back to being able to take care of myself again after years of crippling depression. This is a huge step in the process of my recovery. I'm excited!

Advice for working graves:

1.  Go to bed the moment you get home.
2.  Don't drink coffee until midnight.
3.  Forget all about alcohol.
Thanks for the advice!
I'll keep that in mind. The alcohol thing is easy because I don't drink very often anyway, a few rants aside.

For the most part I should be able to crash right away, barring appointments and errands. As for coffee I take Vyvanse, an amphetamine derived stimulant, I  should be able to just power through most nights without coffee. I do love me some coffee though.
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