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Yes, but probably a bad day to have any kind of accent.  The Daily Mail is arguing that we should expel all the estimated 3.8 million EU citizens who live here currently

Yes, in a similar vein, the majority of the US population wants to move 11.3 million people all at once.  The dumber you get, the more vicious you get.  Or maybe it's the other way around.

If there's no deal, the UK defaults to WTO organisation rules for imports.  So, that's an automatic 20% on everything from Europe.


In addition to that, the government is preparing for a scenario where transit lorries are backed up in Calais and on UK motorways, as new customs rules come into force.  Due to "just in time" inventory management, shops put in the orders for new produce as needed.  They have giant warehouses out in the countryside, of course, but once those are depleted, we're dependent on trade moving to replenish those stocks, and we won't have it.  And the minute there is a whiff of disruption, the shops will be sold out (see how the UK reacts to snow, by way of example.  Bread and milk just vanish for the next few days).

If there is no deal, sterling will also likely further decrease in value.  So in addition to the 20% tariff, it will cost more to buy food and drink.

And there will likely be civil unrest if this happens.  There will be protestors out on the streets, and counter-protestors looking for "traitors" and "wreckers" to take their anger out on.

Bad day to be of, say, Pakistani heritage, I'm thinking.

Airbus announcement seems to be causing an awful lot of consternation in government.  But why, if everything's going so well?

Have I mentioned I'm buying at least 3 weeks worth of food, water and medical supplies to prepare for Brexit?  I'm talking if there is no deal made by mid-January, I am ordering as much canned food and bottles as I can fit into my flat.

What happens if there's no deal?  It doesn't happen, or it happens so bad that Lord Humongous looks like a reasonable candidate?

Apple Talk / Re: Meyers-Briggs Personality Type
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Think for yourself, but first please classify yourself according to this system so we know what you should be thinking for yourself.

Kevin:  "My heroes have always been cowboys."

Me:  "MY heroes have always been BIG GAY COWBOYS."

Kevin:  "wat"

Me:  "Cowboys.  Like Steve Mcqueen or Jimmy Stuart or the Cisco Kid, only BIG and GAY."

Kevin:  "Why Gay?"

Me:  "Nobody ever asks me 'why big?'."


Me:  "The horse doesn't care if you're Gay, but it really cares if you're 6'5" and 310 pounds.  That would be a pain in the ass.  It would be like a Shriner cowboy."

Kevin:  "Stop."

Me:  "Your spurs would keep sticking in the dirt, so it would be like someone tagging the breaks every step and a half."

Nick:  "He's right you should stop."

Me:  "So, yeah, the horse is tired and the cowboy needs new boots and the whole time he's givin' you the hairy eyeball.  Which is like the regular eyeball, only he's got hair in places you didn't know you HAD places."


Nick:  "Wait.  Why are horse-abusing hairy eyeball people your heroes?"

Me:  "Because they save the children of Montana from great white sharks."

Kevin:  "Montana is land-locked."

Me:  "And so?  No coast guard, you GOTTA have BIG GAY COWBOYS."


Me:  "Well, not ANYMORE."

I've noticed all that.  As FB's actual content drops, the programming is more and more prone to show me the same things over and over again, effectively forming a fart blanket for me.  Everything *I* believe is reinforced, because I almost always only the posts of people like me.

That is why I have never dropped PD.  Also, because I as well just like the actual format.

Maybe she didn't want another black eye.

She wears bigger glasses than Patricia Nixon did, and always has long sleeves on. Just putting that out there.

Weird as it may sound, it's been working for 31 years.

ETA:  The penalty for blowing off the hearing or defeating the electronic monitoring is a lengthy ban on getting a VISA, and deportation.

Given that, most people show up.

How does a 20 day limit work. Say for example their parents get sucked into a two year long case, when 20 days are up do they just dump them on the other side of the Rio grande?

No, they release them ROR with an electronic monitor on the adults, and they show up when their court date arrives.

Things I said at work today:

"We do not hold chlorine tablets in our teeth while we work.  Why do I even have to say this?"

"There are no rats in the admin building.  We killed them all.  You have ghost rats."

"I don't worry about budgets, which is why my numbers are in the black.  You do everything on the cheap, which means you have to do it twice, which is why it's only June and you have no money.  So no, you can't have any of my money, because you obviously can't be trusted to spend it fast enough.  Now get out of my office, you penurious little mendicant, you're lowering my property values."

"No, boss, I won't be reasonable about this.  He's far too fiscally-responsible for me to feel charitable.  Now, if he'd blown his budget on new ranges or fryers or maybe some proper Goddamn air conditioning for his kitchen staff, I'd be willing to give up some of my capital expenditures budget, but he didn't...So he can just go ask Baby Jesus for more money.  Or the board.  He's probably better off with Jesus, because the board is pissed off just on account of the weather."

"The world of accounting is terrible and mysterious, Kevin, and it sometimes makes people cry."

This could be an interesting turning point.  This site (and forum) is no stranger to pointing out when a sitting official does something stupid, or when a governing body gets it wrong.

The Obama administration was criticized on this site, and by major media, about their immigration policies, drone strikes, prosecution of whistleblowers, and more.

Oddly Unsurprisingly, people looking to defend Trump forget this. 

And now, the Trump people have shifted their focus somewhat; rather than spend their time rolling back Obama-era regulations, they're jacking up old policies that restrict freedoms, spiking them with additional vitriol and xenophobia, and then saying, "but Your God Obama did the same thing."

It's incredibly tiresome to remind all of them that there was plenty of criticism about those measures, and regardless, immorality by one administration does not make it moral for the next one.

What's REALLY awesome is that they are more or less saying "WE'RE DOING EVIL THINGS AND WE KNOW IT" which is why they offer the justification of "THE LAST GUY DID IT", even if - especially if - it's a complete crock.

Or it could just be the Chinese food yesterday.

I could see late-evening Chinese giving you a high result, but not two different results.

Also, blood sugar does most of it's horrible damage while you're sleeping, because you are doing nothing to burn it up...And unlike normal primates, our systems don't just handle it.

So it's worth mentioning that I rarely eat after 7:30 PM.  125 isn't terrible for daytime, but it's lousy for sleeping hours.

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