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Title: Neoism
Post by: CBXTN on July 31, 2016, 02:25:53 am
Can anyone give me a first degree primer or have experience in neoist thought/praxis? Or maybe anti-neoist shit? Just another label of a thing which affirms there is no box? (
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: Sung Low on July 31, 2016, 03:12:38 am
Just another label, yes.

It has got an aesthetic that appeals to me though.

Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: CBXTN on July 31, 2016, 03:41:10 am
it's got some cute fecal matter:

"Monty Cantsin lives on and on because he never existed, just as no guru, no king, no pop star has ever existed."
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: The Good Reverend Roger on July 31, 2016, 06:50:30 am
it's got some cute fecal matter:

"Monty Cantsin lives on and on because he never existed, just as no guru, no king, no pop star has ever existed."

And then the bar stool arrived.

Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: Acuddle on September 27, 2016, 10:48:33 am
The text... is writing itself, even if I don't click ! Aaugh :eek: !

Experimental, very random and contradictory . There was a page where "neoism is all about sex", then another where the narrator "gave up sex [...] and is now a neoist" :wink:. It's either the state of accepting one's own religion or adopting whatever religion one's interested in, even a fictional or deviant one, and making it anonymous.

It's a kind of negativist and Zen view on the world. Once, I had to do a tarot tirage (I do them to make a rubric for a radio podcast) for someone similar, who was litterally asking "why do :weary: ?", and Eris responded to her "what the ! stop giving up on Akari, notice her" ! So there's some chance that Neoism is not Erisian :roll:.

Some of them seemed to actually call themselves Cantsin in an intent to become anonymous, kinda reckless giving all the problems Argéniums would make of such behavior.
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: themanwhocreatedjazz on November 29, 2016, 05:24:05 pm
Correct me if I'm wrong, but was neoism associated with Stewart Home and his Neoist Alliance?

If so, this may be of some help -
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: THE PRIORITISER on December 12, 2017, 11:11:50 am
Post-neoism is better  :lol:
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: Faust on December 12, 2017, 03:01:12 pm
Post-neoism is better  :lol:

I disagree. The second and third  ones weren't great, that said the animatrix wasn't bad.
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: Hoopla on December 12, 2017, 08:54:58 pm
I hought he meant there was a Matrix breakfast cereal and nobody told me.
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: The Wizard Joseph on December 13, 2017, 03:58:48 pm
I hought he meant there was a Matrix breakfast cereal and nobody told me.

With marshmallow Agent Smiths!
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: THE PRIORITISER on December 14, 2017, 01:02:07 am
Nobody up to join the Church of Morpheology then?  :cry:
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: Mr. Gone on December 14, 2017, 02:17:55 am
What are the perks?
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: Timóteo Pinto on December 14, 2017, 07:08:57 pm
Post-neoism is better  :lol:

Yes, indeed (

There are some conspiracies being incubated linked to this. The main one is a open-source zine, inspired by the Neoist magazine SMILE (, called Discordja (
Title: Re: Neoism
Post by: The Fixer on December 15, 2017, 05:37:19 pm
Oh hay, my time to shine.

Hi, I'm a Neoist connoisseur. And by that I mean I'm bullshiting ya. But yeah, I like neoism.
I first discovered Neoism by Timóteo Pinto (the one above). In Discordia Brasilis, we have fetish for multiple identity names (multiple use pseudonyms, shared identity, or how we call it: multividual). Timóteo Pinto is a Multividual created based on Blissett. And Saint Luther Blissett had ties with neoism, because of Monty Cantsin. Then, Timóteo Pinto started digging the movement, and showed me.
The easiest way to describe neoism is: dadaist punk.
But it's a lot more. It's a avant-garde anarcho punk movement. When Timpin showed me, I went to the internatiol discordian society (est 2015), and asked if someone digged a link between neoism and discordianism. Brenton said "similar symbols, but nothing concrete".
The symbols, who we shared have a simples explanation: tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, one neoist artist, is a subgenii. He held the "world subgenius congress" in 1983, where he danced around a fire with two dead dogs he found, in an abandoned metro railway. You can read here:
He was a friend of Stang, and from what he told me, Stang gave him the address of Thornley, since neoism is a mail art movement. He sent some zines to Thornley, and it had a meme (an image mocking a magazine ad, rather, but a meme), and Thornley was like "man,you find this funny? wtf", on this note, tENT told me "Thornley didn't seem to have a great sense of humor", lmao.
But that isn't a link with disco.

We could say that neoism is linked with discordianism by the KLF. The KLF bois were friend of Stewart Home, who was a neoist. They became friends after Stewart Home tried to distance himself of neoism. BUT HE'LL NEVER DISTANCE HIMSELF OF NEOISM.
As themanwhocreatedjazz said, he asked with Home's Neoist alliance had something to do with neoism. The Neoist Alliance, came by the 90s, after Home left neoism. He being a trickster as every neoist, decided to use neoism as a way to confuse people. In his book, "Neoism, plagiarism, and praxis", Home talks a little about KLF. Even though he doesn't consider himself a neoist from that time, and his book is a little critical about, he's a neoist at heart, that lil basterd. <3 <3

Post-Neoism, and anti-neoism and neoism doesn't exist. AT ALL. The name was coined by Timóteo Pinto, but I think it's funny, that's how Home talks about his work, when he left neoism. But he doesn't talk as if "Post-neoism" is a movement in itself (which is not), he talks like "this shit is my post-neoism work". Two different things. Post-Neoism is Neoism with Discordian characteristics, which is different from Meta-Discordianism, which it's discordianism with neoist characteristics. I identify myself as a Meta-Post-Discordian Grayface-ist Post-neoism.

My sincere opinion on Post-Neoism: it's raw.
It's not like neoism at all. While neoism has a raw energy of crazy dudes just doing their art, post-neoism goes beyond in rawness. Our recognition of memes as an art expression, and shitpost as a viral memetic pratice, makes it look like we are a bunch of shit posters. Which is not true, we do glitch art... sometimes. While I do enjoy shit-post as a way of expressing myself, I think it could be more focused. We do have created our own mythology, as many shitposting groups do.
Also, the way Timóteo Pinto tries to coopt 4chan mythos, like #thegame23 and cicada 3301, is something I don't like, 'cause it gets more raw, and more distant from what neoism was/is/will be.
In anyway, if you want to joins us, you could find us at telegram:
It's, primarly, a discordian group, with some post-neoist. and memes. and markov chain bot spamming. and sometimes mariachis. yeah...

With all that in mind, I would like to spam Sarah Gulik in here. She's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay funnier and waaaaaaaaaay cooler than Timóteo Pinto (multividual). She's the abortion of Gulik. She's Gulik feminine part. She's Gulik accepting her gender as a female. She's a creation of the Oscar Wildean Society, a group of iconoclasts anarcho-avant-garde neoist discordians. You could read our rip-off manifesto, where we stole some manifestos from Monty Cantsin and Timóteo Pinto:
Go out and enter in contact with yourself, become a Sarah Gulik today!

I would like to thank first my goddess, then my family, without them I wouldn't be bored to death and decided to write all of this non-sense feeding shit to you. Also, join Discordja!