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Well it may have worked with the "people who commit suicide are selfish" mindset, since people aren't shouting that about this particular guy.
So there's a start?

I hope.

I'd still eat the fuck out of it

Geeze, Mork & Mindy was my first exposure to him. I loved that show as a kid.
Depression is a real bitch, and sometimes that dragon wins.

Really sucks.


PL, are you still willing to, in your words "kill someone trying to destroy America's assets of power, human or non-human"?

Is your alt?

Why can't PD co opt thoem there assets? America can take care of itself without me...

Communication has failed

Not in response to the above post, but so fitting, I decided to juxtapose them for the sake of amusement and brevity.


I was referring to him calling Nigel by a racist name that she had already called off as offensive, but that works too.


DUDE that's just how they talk up here in Appleton.  Ya'll just ain't hood enough to understand.

Buncha L 7s in this thread amirite!? Of course I am, LOLOLO.

I'm from FL if that helps explain things.

No. And get out of my swamp.

Link because might be NSFW

I never noticed this behavior before.
It made me realize how frustrated I get at the upper crust white folk on Park Ave who take their sweet ass time crossing, yet I'll stop my damn car on a three lane highway to move a turtle.

I live near Full Sail, where there are students of all nationalities. It's a really diverse area. They don't really bother me cause they're all just trying to get to their overpriced sham classes. But those skeevy rich people downtown... I hate them.

I'm guilty.

My god that thing looks delicious

Why yes, that is probably the most racist song I've ever heard.

It's like America keeps on getting America-er.

Naw.  It's like all the stupid people chose to identify themselves at the same time.

Can we move them all out to "the farm" that my mom sent my guinea pig to live at when he got real old?

Once again.. I have no fucking idea what just happened.

It's like America keeps on getting America-er.


Come mistah tally mon tally me ba--OHSHIT MON! Hide the deadly black tarantula!!

I suck at this but I love this photo for some unexplainable reason

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